How the Smartphone is Changing the Way We Share


Smartphones, by their very nature, make us better sharers. Whether we’re using social networks, instant messaging, group chats for sharing pictures, videos or tunes app developers are keeping up with our demand for interactions as much as the mobile manufacturers. Trunk, is a feature that allows users to view all previously shared content in a single window. AllShare allows you to search for and play videos, photos and music files freely across any device that supports AllShare services such as PCs, TVs, mobile phones and digital cameras. Wi-Fi Direct allows connection without connecting to the internet or Wi-Fi router thus meaning content from all manner of devices can be transferred securely and several devices can be connected simultaneously.

How the Smartphone is Changing the Way We Share

At CES one of the announcements that flew under the radar was Sony’s SmartWatch. Essentially LiveView 2 the SmartWatch is a Bluetooth device that can link up with an Android phone, like one would hope the newly launched Sony Xperia S. It has a 1.3 inch touchscreen and allows Android users to quickly check their SMS messages, emails, what the weather is like or even social network updates with a little vibration and an icon appearing on the screen. As well as Sony devices it is also likely to support HTC, Motorola and Samsung.

On iPhone 4S you can use FaceTime which allows you to hear a voice and see the face that goes with it— iPhone to iPhone, iPad 2, iPod touch, or Mac over Wi-Fi.As the Apple publicity states: No matter where they are, no matter where you are, you’ll always be there. Just tell Siri “FaceTime with Mom” and you show up, smile, and wave hello. You’ll never miss a big event, an important meeting, or a good laugh. And who wouldn’t be happy to see your face?‘  Indeed, there are endless possibilities

Nokia’s Lumia range has a different style of people group implementation. Thanks to Windows Phone social networks are integrated so users get live updates cross-platform from all friends and connections. It’s easier to track and share what’s happening. What began on the Lumia 800 will expand with the Lumia 900 making interaction a seamless process, no matter what application or method being used.

As we all share more and stay in touch easier, manufacturers and app developers inevitably respond and provide improved kit and greater technology. But the greater ability to share makes some worry about security. Some Android users worry about how much Google tracks what they are doing. The slip by one UK mobile carrier that allowed advertisers to see where its users had been browsing – valuable information – shocked smartphone users and makes them worry how private their searches and online time really are.

Yet the ability to share content from smartphone, to tablet to PC to TV, technology adopted not just be Apple but also Sony and increasingly Windows Phone and Microsoft, means that in the near future it’s like the handset in our pocket will be a portal to link us not just to our friends and connections, but also every bit of tech in our homes and offices, just at the click of a button or insertion of an HDMI cable.

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