Make Money Selling Your Old Gadgets


Technology is constantly changing and improving. Gadgets get better, faster and cooler. Upgrading to the newest items is fun and exciting, but it can leave you with a growing collection of electronics you never use. You don’t have to let these items clutter up your home or collect dust in the attic. You can turn the unwanted gadgets into cold, hard cash.

Make Money Selling Your Old Gadgets


This site is dedicated to purchasing used electronic gadgets. They are willing to buy your old gaming equipment, phones, digital cameras, tablets and more. They will provide you with a free quote through their website, allowing you to decide if you want to proceed or not. They will pay for the shipping to send the items to them, and once they are received, they will send you a check for the purchase price. You won’t get as much as you would with a direct sale to a buyer, but you will avoid all the hassle and time that comes with trying to find a buyer and negotiate a sale.

Getting More Money

You can get more for your used electronics if you take the time to dig up the owner’s manuals. Clean them and check them before you start describing them on BuyMyTronics or another site. Your electronics will be inspected before final payment is made, and they reserve the right to alter the offer price if the description was not accurate. So take the time to offer an accurate description and avoid headaches down the road. Providing the model name and number of the gadget will also help the company provide you with a fair offer.

Sell Directly

You can use sites like eBay and Craigslist to move the merchandise yourself. You will fetch more for the goods, but you will also have to invest more time. Before starting, clean the item, assemble everything you have for it and thoroughly inspect it. Accurate descriptions are vital when selling items, especially if you’re using eBay and accepting PayPal. However, even a broken phone can sell for the right price, because people will buy them for the parts. When you take the pictures for the site, include pictures of all the accessories you have, the boxes and the owner’s manuals. These little extras can fetch you extra dollars.


There does come a point when an electronic has lost all value. MP3s and iPod touches will sell fast, but a Walkman from twenty years ago is not on anyone’s wish list. As soon as you know you are done with a gadget, take the time to sell it. The longer it sits in your closet, the lower its resale value will be. You also don’t have to sell them at all. Cell Phones for Life is a charity that takes old, working cell phones and gives them to battered women as an emergency use phone. It won’t make you any money, but it’s a great cause. Best Buy will also help you recycle your old electronics. Some items may even qualify for trade-ins at the store.

When it comes to the old electronics, they really don’t have to hit the landfill or just linger around your house. You can make money off them. Use the funds to buy more new gadgets, or just a few accessories for your current favorites.

Francine Gomez is a career consultant and loves giving clients new ways to make money online from home. There are many opportunities to bring needed funds into the home – from doing paid surveys to writing articles for blogs.

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