Technological Advancements Which Have Made Emergency Preparedness Easier


As a person we try to avoid situations that we have no control over. However, things happen in an instant a good situation can turn bad. Most people aren’t prepared for these situations, nor do they have a clue what to do when things are looking grim. Fires, flooding, hurricanes, tornadoes, these are the types of situations that we simply cannot control. Wouldn’t it be better to be prepared? There are some great new technologies out there that have increased emergency preparedness significantly.

Technological Advancements Which Have Made Emergency Preparedness Easier


To begin, there is a recent development called SimulationDeck, which uses social media venues to facilitate emergency information. Social media has quickly become a go to source during disasters and having reliable accurate information is key to stopping even more disasters. The technology is allowing emergency organizations to test out new methods in spreading the information, to create models to help them determine the best ways to disperse “emergency information”.


Intellistreets was brought on by 9/11 and the chaos it had created at street level. Basically what they do is retrofit or build new lampposts that have a wireless technology. It feeds information to emergency responders. The information displayed gives emergency alerts, hazardous environment alerts, pedestrian counter, and more. These features allow responders to remotely control the situation, when the need arises.

Updated Personal Supplies

Some things to have in a bad situation include a bug out bag (a bag containing essential items for emergencies) and reserves of food and supplies (first aid, canned food, clean water) that can be consumed during those grim moments. To help you save money on these supplies, search online for the best deals. Customers who use Discountrue can save up to 30% off when they shop at emergency preparedness sites like Brownells.

We do not know the time or place when something bad will happen, so it’s best to be prepared. Whether it’s through new technologies such as Simulationdeck; giving out accurate information in times of disasters. Or other technologies like intellistreets, which give us a hand up on the environment that situations are occurring. The top way to be prepared however is to be prepared yourself! Be ready to move with a on the go bug out bag and have reserves in place for the long haul. Be safe, be ready, and always be aware!

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