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Top 10 Reasons Why Twitter is Better Than Google plus


Social Networking is now becoming the first choice of the youths. There are many social networking websites. People use different type of social networking websites according to there features which suites them. They maintain their social profile and get in connected with their friends and near ones.  After the launch of Google plus the fight between the social networking website has taken new heights. Most of the people has shattered there social profile and started using Google plus.

After using there Google plus profiles for some time the users find it a little bit attractive with some new features but many of the users might have thought that it is not as good as twitter. This followers of twitters believe that twitter is an better option as a social networking website than Google plus. Some of the features like hang outs, circle and extra are good but al together we can say that twitter is much better than Google plus.

Top 10 reasons why twitter is better than Google plus is as follows:-

  1. The searching filters of Google plus is very simple and non attractive. It is limited to the friend finders only and in twitter the search engine is very powerful and is used to search the post by friends or by any other twitter user.
  2. When you are using any social networking websites you do not want to be bound in any limitations of connections, Google plus has the limitation in connections, the connections are limited to 5000 connections where as in twitter you can follow or you can be followed by any number of followers. Get always in connection with your friends.
  3. Those who all love reading precise things for them twitter are a better option. Twitter has the limitation of 160 words in it so the whole thing you want to say you have to conclude in those 160 words only. where as Google plus does not have any world limitations, you can write or post as much content you want to post here.
  4. Because of the popularity of twitter is associated with many popular business and brands which itself says that the business by twitter and business of twitter is very much popular. Where as for Google plus from its origination none of the big brand or business is associated with it.
  5. The users of any social networking websites use the websites because they want to be connected with their friends and society. All other social networking websites allows the entire user to make post along with the post they the users are allowed to post the links also for their friends. But Google plus do not allow posing link to the users, posting links in Google plus is completely banned. Where as twitter allow every user to post as much links they want to share with there friends and followers. This is another big reason of the popularity of twitter than Google plus.
  6. The limitation of commenting and posting on any post is not allowed. The users are partially connected with other users they can only post on the fields which are created by them only. They do not have any access to post on other fields. Where as in twitter any post can be read and the followers or the person to whom the user follow can comment on it. You can also see who all had posted and what all they have posted. There is no limitation for the users in commenting on any field.
  7. The profile maintained by the Google plus is not so attractive. They provide many limited information about the user in Google plus. People on a social networking website want to get all the information and more information about the user. Where as in twitter you can get complete information which you will like to get of any user is available. This feature of twitter is very attractive. People love to follow twitter because of its limitation less characteristics.
  8. When you use twitter whether it is morning noon time evening time or night time you will not feel bored. People use to be online all the time and make their tweets. By the help of these tweets the followers get to know about each and every update of the person. Where as in Google plus if your friends are not online and no new post is available you will feel bored? You cannot enjoy using Google plus for longer times continuously but you can use twitter for long time. In every minute thousand of people tweet and reading every tweet it create you interest in it.
  9. Google plus is not so user friendly till today as compare to any other social networking website. Social networking is now became a part of life. Every where we follow rules and live in some or the other limitations but while using social networking websites we feel free and if here also we have to follow the rules and the things which we love to do we will not like this limitations. Google plus impose various kind of limitations on various features like limitation in connections, limitation in posting on others field, limitation in posting link and etc. these all limitations are not acceptable by the users. Where as twitter provide free access to the users no limitation in any field. You can do anything which you want to do here. Follow any one and no limitation in following, you can comment on any post, get complete information of any user and etc.
  10. In any product whether it is of any kind the main thing behind it success is the customer satisfaction. Twitter completely focus on customer satisfaction unlike Google plus. The users always get satisfaction with the features and changes made by twitter to provide better services.

These are some points which says the complete story that why twitter is better than Google plus. If you feel I missed some points, let me know through comments.

This guest post is by Debarshi Ghosh Dastidar. He is a twitter addict and software enthusiast. He works for Eldev a software development company.

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  1. Great post, Now i understand the importance of Twitter more then Google plus, the reasons are nicely define but the Google plush also a very important and user friendly social networking, I am using both networkers for my website for sharing on my circle.

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