Top 4 Most Unnecessary Gadgets Available To Buy


If you make it, they will buy it. Or so it seems anyway. There appears to be a market for just about every kind of useless gadget imaginable these days, even if the gadgets on offer end up making the job they are supposed to be helping you with even more unnecessarily complicated.

The Necklace that Doubles as a Wine Glass Holder
Yes, you read that right. The reasoning behind this one is a little vague, presumably with your wine glass hanging from a little necklace cum sling around your neck you will have both hands free to indulge in a plate full of nibbles or handshake your way around the party with ease. There are so many ways that this can actually go wrong that it’s ridiculous. Wine, especially the red kind is notorious for leaving stains in clothes that you can never get out, and now you want to hang a glass full of it around your neck, right up close to your favourite shirt? It will swing and slosh as you move around, and for those ladies with an ample bosom? Well it’s just not feasible is it?

The Automatic Snowball Maker
Well no, it’s not really automatic in the true sense, but it does allow you to make the most perfectly rounded almost cartoon like snowballs that you will ever see. With this strange ladle meets scissor shaped contraption your hands will stay toasty warm throughout the snowball making process, no more mittens drying in front of the fire here. The only benefit to this device is that the snowballs remain soft and are said to disintegrate on impact, not being allowed to melt and then refreeze in your hands to turn them into mini cannon balls.

Surprise Your Friends with a Hot Dog Shaped Hamburger
Oh you’ll be the life and soul of the BBQ party with this little beauty! There you are handing your friend a freshly prepared hot dog only to hear them squeal in delight when they realise it’s actually a hamburger disguised as a hot dog. No really, that’s the only use this contraption has. It will allow you to mould your hamburger patties into the shape of hot dogs easily, though why you would want to is your own business.

The Butter Mill
We have all heard of salt mills and pepper mills but a butter mill, seriously? It seems that now you can delight diners around your table by allowing them the pleasure of milling their own butter. The stick of butter goes in at one end, you depress the plunger and out of the other end comes a delicate ribbon of butter, or if you want to get really fancy you can attach nozzles to the end, a bit like that old Play D’oh set that you used to have and have it squeezed out in pretty shapes. There really are no end to the buttery delights that you can fashion with this must have tool in your kitchen.

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