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These days, it seems like everyone has a smartphone equipped with numerous applications for email. While some email apps are very basic, others offer unique options that are very useful and can help increase your productivity. Check out this list of five must-have email applications that are great solutions for a person on the go.

  1. Have you ever wanted to keep your email address anonymous? The Gliph application is an excellent solution. With this app, users can “cloak” or hide their email address to keep it private. When someone sends an email to the “cloaked” address, it will still forward to your email, but your true email address will remain unknown to the sender. By using the Gliph application on your phone, you can also send a message to someone and have the address remain anonymous.
  2. Fans of Microsoft Outlook will love the Exchange by Touchdown app. This application allows you to sync email, contacts, calendars and tasks with those on your personal computer by connecting to your Microsoft Exchange Server. ActiveSync Push technology updates any changes made on your phone to your desktop or laptop almost immediately.
  3. If you have multiple email accounts and would like to manage them all in one place, K-9 Mail is an invaluable app for your smartphone. This application allows you to configure multiple protocols, send and receive email, search multiple inboxes from multiple emails, sort emails, receive notifications of new messages via sound or vibrate alerts and more. Users will be impressed with the easy interface, and they will also appreciate the wide array of features that this application contains.
  4. Whether you are out in the field or taking the day off, you can stay connected to the office with eFax. This application lets users send or receive faxes through email, which you can access on your phone. To send a fax from your mobile device, you simply take a picture of the document you would like to deliver, and then send it through the eFax app on your phone as an attachment. When you want to receive a fax, you give the number that eFax provided to you, and clients can send documents to that number. Once eFax receives the fax, they forward it to you via email.
  5. Anyone who receives emails receives spam. The SpamDrain application will help you control the spam you receive; it will also remove unwanted viruses that are sent via email. SpamDrain is a highly intelligent service that uses sophisticated algorithms to sort through your incoming emails, recognize spam and then remove it. You can access those messages sent to your SpamDrain account at any time through the app on your phone.

Each of these applications can be found through the iPod or Android App Store. They offer creative email solutions that will enhance your productivity and keep you connected when you are out and about.

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Mobile phone deals have made it possible for almost everyone to own a smartphone.  Laura loves the range of apps available, especially the ones related to email management.

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