What are Infographics and How Do They Help in Viral Marketing?


Insight into the Growing Popularity of Infographics and Their Impact on SEO Campaigns

Infographics are one amongst the most powerful ways of attracting the attention of potential customers, and all the Internet users for that matter. They are visual representations of data, which tend to have a better impact than text, and videos. Making use of infographics (information graphics) has turned out to be a cool new method of sharing information online, without actually writing in length about the topic. In place of writing an article or blog post with plenty of stats and calculations, you can develop an information graphic that bonds it all collectively in a visually appealing picture. A well-compiled infographic can help in expressing complicated messages to the readers in an easy-to-comprehend manner. Due to the awesome outcomes that it offers, an increasing number of webmasters have started employing infographics for SEO, and link building.

Can Infographics Really Help in SEO?

If you are wondering how infographics can assist you in achieving your objectives as a professional SEO company, considering that it is not keyword-rich text, but rather just an image, then your worries aren’t baseless. These images cannot be read by Google or any other search engine crawler. That is indeed a big downside, but your website visitors will be pleased with infographics. They will certainly look into the visual illustration, read the info, try to comprehend the idea that is presented, and share it if they enjoy the same. Hence, the chances of getting exposure on social media and many more repeat visitors will improve. Additionally, you can alt descriptive alt tags about your infographics so that the search engines may be able to pick their contents as well.

On the whole, the idea here is to communicate lot of info in an interesting visual package. Such a communication approach can indicate the conceptual data in more persuasive and appealing manner. Few good examples of infographics are flow charts, signs, maps, and pie charts. In today’s highly competitive world of web designing, the infographics concept has been employed extensively across the world just for pictorial illustration of unique info amongst potential web visitors. It is supposed to be a powerful strategy using which, a person can convey whatever he wants to, in a clear manner and easily draw the focus of targeted web visitors towards the website.

In order to win the SEO game, you must follow the latest SEO trends, and infographics are the buzzword at the moment indeed! Those of you looking for few useful tips for professional and creative infographics, read on.

Focus on Something That Visitors Would Prefer To Share

Focus on the content and present something that your audience would love to share. If you just attach fascinating facts to colorful graphics, it is not going to increase your traffic. Incorporate a present trend or add something that your readers would want to share within their community. Play on places, objects, and people that are already being shared, but add an original take on the topic, as this is the best route to create viral content.

Choose a Timely Subject

The subject that you choose has to be up-to-date in terms of present trends and events. There are innumerable interesting topics to select from, but presenting a new form of old news is not going to keep the readers engaged. Ensure to stay topical and current. Focus on the latest news in the industry or happenings in pop culture to create a buzz on social media.

Be Specific to Your Target Visitors’ Interests

You have to know your target audience while designing infographics. Which category of audience do you wish to see this graphic? Who do you wish them to share the infographic with? Do the reverse engineering work to make sure the subject that you choose, bonds well with your audience.

Keep it Simple

You have to ensure that the infographic is not too flashy or complex, since you are making something to communicate a message. You have to keep it simple so that your viewers and readers don’t get confused. A visual that is over complicated will not be effective and there are chances that your audience may misunderstand the graphics. An infographic that contains lot of gibberish, may not appeal to the visitors, but rather send them away.

It is advised to follow these tips to create effective infographics that can go viral on social media, and bring lot of targeted traffic, and valuable backlinks to your website.

The author is an expert SEO and blogger who regularly contributes articles to SEOP, a reputable search engine optimization company providing effective and affordable SEO services.

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