Micro Express NBL26 Review


Micro Express NBL26 Review

The NBL26 is a pretty average laptop that is at home with lightweight chores like surfing, doing desktop applications and performing other light computer jobs. But if you are looking for a multimedia and gaming powerhouse, you will definately be disappointed.

The machine is propelled by intel dual core i7 2620M processor. It uses Nvidia GeForce GT 540M Discrete Graphics Chipset that comes with 96 shader cores. This seriously dents the machine’s gaming potential, even though it is better than working with integrated graphics.The machine returns a low score of 310 when running 3DMark 2011, while Far Cry 2 in DirectX10 produces a partry ten frames per second. That should drive the point home as to tha NBL26’s gaming output.

The device comes with an installed 4 GB DDR3 memory that performs at a speed of 1333 MHz. For its storage purposes the unit uses a 500 GB hard drive that comes with a speed of 7200 RPM. The hard drive is complimented by the Memory stick, SDHC Card and a Multimedia Card. The battery life runs out of juice after three hours and fifteen minutes, which is south of average. But that does not seem to affect the NBL26’s WorldBench performance as it manages a strong mark of 126.

The keyboard is a perfect exponent of the NBL26’s average characteristics. It’s change from the chiclet -style that dominates most laptop is welcome, just as is its good feedback mechanism. But lack of sculpted keys is a problem that makes typing to be full of errors. The presence of a separate numeric pad is a tick in the box, but the Home, End, Page Up and Page Down keys are sadly overpacked -which means that you will have to turn the Num Lock off in order to use the afformentioned keys. The trackpad is reponsive to multitouch.

The machine operates with Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium Edition. Network connection is provided by 10/100/1000 ethernet and 802.11n Wi -Fi. It comes with two USB 2.0 ports and a single USB3.0 port. Your shipment of the device also bestores you with HDMI and VGA video interfaces plus Bluetooth. The audio is a disappointment, but not so the speakers that are suprisingly excellent. You are adviced to invest in headphones if you are into music. The machine weighs 5.6 pounds minimum, but reaches a maximum of 6.6 pounds when fully loaded with accessories. It measures a width of 14.9 inches, a depth of 9.9 inches and a height of 1.7 inches.

The machine will not set the world alight, not with its gaming rates or its otherwise limited multimedia potential. But if you are all for the usual computer chores, then you have found your mate. But the price might make you think twice.

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