Pigeon Squadron for iPhone – A User Review


Pigeon Squadron is a military-themed adventure game in which pigeons attack the citizens of different cities by bombing them with poop. You get to play the pigeon, luckily, and have to finish each mission before going on to the next level. Flying is achieved by using tilt, and you bomb your targets by tapping on the poop controls.

Pigeon Squadron is a bit disgusting, and at the same time strangely cute and endearing. Your missions as a military pigeon include poop-bombing ducks, golfers, and the occasional member of a royal family. You have access to plenty of ammo, but time is limited, so you need to be quite efficient to complete your missions. This is made fairly easy by arrows that point you toward your intended victims.

The game is fun and good natured; the concept is quite original and the design and execution are fairly good. It’s worth the 99c, but could really use a few fairly major updates to take it to another level. Their are some problems with stability, which sometimes cause the game to crash when loading missions – a rather major drawback which can lead to pretty high levels of frustration.

The tilt controls are not really very responsive, so you can’t really make any sharp turns, but with quite a bit of practice and some careful handling you can more or less get used to it. Once you get accustomed to the flight controls, you can get a good handle on the timing for dropping your ‘missiles’, and then the game becomes quite a bit more fun. It does take quite a while to get used to it, and the poor controls make some of the missions more complicated than they need to be.

Pigeon Squadron features great background music, and interesting sound effects. It makes good use of the military premise by using commander pigeons, and a theme song that sounds quite similar to that of Police Academy also helps. The game has quite good potential to be very successful, with it’s fun concept and original theme. When everything’s working properly it’s a lot of fun, and with the value of play significantly boosted by the multiple levels, it’s definitely worth the price. The issues with stability and the game crashing are definitely a drawback, but if the creators can get that sorted out, then the sky will be the limit.

Fotomecha! Enjoy the shooting experience

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