10 Useful Apps for Your Samsung Galaxy Note


Here are the ten very useful apps that you can install in your Samsung Galaxy Note to make it more than the mobile gadget that it is:

S Memo

This app is great for anyone who wants a mobile recorder. You can use your voice to record reminders, type in important memo, or share reminders with friends, family and colleagues.

Crayon Physics

Solve puzzle with an artistic twist! It is art and physics combined and can be great fun for adults and children alike.


This is the ultimate planner app that you need. It has everything you need – a calendar, memo, events list, to do list, schedule, and then reminders that will give you the edge in your ever so busy schedule at work.


Your precise S Pen can be put to the test with this app. Create designs that are uniquely yours with the very fine details that will give life to the images. You can also save the images and then view them again in the future or maybe edit them out if you need to.

Zen Brush

Bring out the artist in you! Use the ink brush to create a masterpiece worthy of Van Gogh’s approval. There are also many templates that you can choose from if you wish to add pizzazz to the photos you have taken using the camera on your phone.

Soonr Scribble

You can use this to store everything you need to remember in a cloud. Then you can access  it again in the future, share it with others, and sync it with the rest of your devices whether your mobile gadgets or your computer at home.


Capture every idea that you have in your head and capture everything that you see, hear, or feel from your surroundings. Jot down everything you need to remember, record your voice, and track where you are. It is a great way to keep everything in one place and make room for more ideas in your head.


Have you always wanted to make something worthy of Stan Lee’s approval? Here’s your chance! Use images and then add dialogue so that you can give life to a villain or a super hero. This is your chance to make a great comic book.

Trip Journal Lite

Take photos, write your favorite moments, and take videos. Preserve your memories from the vacation that you just had! Track where you are using GPS, Google Earth, and then share everything with your friends via social networking websites.

Fruit Ninja Free

Let your stress out with this game wherein you can slice fruits and have them splattered, squashed, and squished! Just swipe across the screen and you can have fun seeing fruit splash on your screen! It has three game modes – Classic, Zen, and Arcade – which can cater to any skill level.

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