The Dell Vostro 3300 Review

The Dell Vostro 3300 Review

The Dell 3300 is a small laptop that appeals to the business -class. It comes in  a svelte form and skinny demeanor that is a legacy of the pioneering Dell Adamo computer, though it is not as skinny. It offers a top notch mixture of hardware and assortments that will appeal to its niche market. The machine comes with a price tag of about $599 -as of 6/18/2010. That is after you factor in Dell’s discounts. Otherwise the machine will set you back to the tune of $913.

The Dell 3300 is a lightweight that weighs just over 4 pounds and 5.2 pounds when stuffed with a powerbrick. It also comes in 13.3 inch display with LED backlight, a welcome feature so uncommon in many laptops that use glossy displays that lose form in bright situations. The machine uses intel core i5 520M processor that spins at a speed of 2400MHz but can be scaled to an even speedier 2930 MHz when propelled in turbo mode, WITH processor core active in toe. The machine comes ensuite an installed 4 GB DDR3 memory with a memory speed of 1333 MHz. For its storage shores, the Dell 3300 one hard drive with a total 500 GB capacity and a speed of 7200 rpm.

The unit comes with nVidia’s GeForce graphics CPU, a notable inclusion, though the  310M  capacity will return an average score in 3D performance. Its gaming credentials are also not impressive, but it undertakes other graphics assignments with relative ease -they include DVD playback and Windows Aero-. It does not have problems decoding the new generation applications that are GPU  -inspired. Its a pity that Dell 3300 fails to utilise the Optimus automatic GPU -switching innovation from nVidia. The device uses Microsoft Windows 7 Professional operating system, while incorporating other useful software like Roxio Creator DE and Cyberlink Power DVDX.

The machine produces a score of 112 on the WorldBench Test that, even if above the cutline, is not overboard for its class. The machine can handle some gaming chores like DirectX9 but not the elite ones. The Dell 3300 provides a nice colour translation that, barring the glossy outlook, is bright enough. The machine comes with a single stereo speaker with an inaccurate tonal balance that will not earn it any admirers. Three embedded webcam and Fingerprint Reader are welcome additions, as is the inclusion of a 5 in 1 memory card reader. The device comes with three USB 2.0 ports , two of which are fitted on the right -hand side and the other one on the left. Your unit will also throw in a combo USB/eSATA port, but you will have to do without FireWire, which is not that useful these days.

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  1. Now, this is the thing I wanted. Thanks for this information, I hope very soon I am going to buy one of this. I was a dell user before but after my first Dell laptop started to create problem I left that. I now want to buy a new one again.

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