How Do You Use the Motors App?


The new app which offers a UK-wide network of both new and second hand cars from has become a real internet success story since it was launched in 2007. Despite the brief period of its existence it has risen to become one of the top such databases online – databases which have significantly altered the way in which we search for the things we need, in this case cars. Whereas before people had to conduct time-consuming and exhausting searches by travelling to dealers and looking in newspapers, now they can instantaneously find what they are looking for online. Given that one of the other major players in the digital era is the mobile device, it is not really a surprise that should have chosen to provide an app for these devices.

The Motors app works in much the same way as its parent website, meaning that the focus has been on providing the best possible search results for the least possible difficulty on the part of the user. Just as the Motors website requires you to search according to a specific set of options, like makes, models, distance from where you are based and price, so the app provides these same search criteria – as well as others such as colour. Again like the website, the Motors app asks you to submit your postcode as a required field of search, but allows you to decide on what distance from that postcode you want to see search results from. Thus if you are prepared to travel any distance within the UK to a seller offering the car you are looking for, you can choose not to limit the distance when imputing your search criteria. Alternatively, if distance is an issue, you can input whatever distance is practical for you, so that you avoid wasting time by receiving results containing cars that are perfect for your needs, but the seller is too far away.

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