Best News Apps for the iPhone


You do not need to go far for your fill of the latest news. You can access the latest news from different news sources using your iPhone with these new news apps:

AP Mobile

This free app from the Associated Press aims to bring together lots of news content which will also include local news as well as the latest weather updates. You can have push notifications for breaking news so that you won’t miss a beat. You can also get access for news photo galleries as well as get to customize the news that will appear on your homepage.

The New York Times

The New York Times is one of the oldest publications in the world and it is ushered into the new century as it transforms itself as a source for news through the free app. It may not have push notifications at the moment, but developers are working on this feature. You can read the news on offline mode which is great for those who want to still keep themselves updated even when not connected.

NPR News iPhone

The National Public Radio app is free and it emphasizes the importance of radio news even when we live in an internet based world. It gives an hourly newscast as well as easy access to radio shows. You can look at the live and archived episodes and you can also read other print articles about the latest things happening all over the world.

Fluent News Reader

If you like triangulating information, Fluent News Reader is perfect because you can get your news from a variety of sources. Get your news articles from BBC, Fox News, Wall Street journal, and the USA Today.

CNN Mobile

Video news is somewhat much closer to home so getting the CNN Mobile app for $1.99 may be something that can serve this purpose. You can look at breaking news alerts as well as local news and weather reports. You can also get access on the user generated content from iReport.


The MSNBC free news app developed by Zumobi Inc can provide you with news alerts with the push notifications. You can get news in a timely manner and you can also have the option to turn the news alerts off if you do not want them right now. You can also access different video segments from the NBC News programming.

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