Announcing: The 10 Best Android Apps Of 2012


Announcing the 10 Best Android Apps of 2012 may be a phrase that is a bit past its prime but the fact is that so many great apps came out in 2012 that really any list that claimed to be announcing the 10 best apps of 2012 before the year was actually over was bound to miss something.

There is no doubt that the Android smartphone has made a place for itself in our culture and one of the reasons for this success is the apps that power the Android. Yes, like with anything in the world there were some duds, and there were more than a few apps that were great ideas but for one reason or another didn’t excite us.

However when all is said and done 2012 was one of the best years for Android apps and the following 10 are only a small sample of what came out.


Okay so Evernote may not be the first and probably won’t be the last note taking app to ever be released for the Android. However its combination of usability and style have made it the go to note app for millions of Android users.
One of the reasons that Evernote is so popular is that not only does it make keeping notes very easy, but it also works as a media creator in a pinch. If you ever had a great idea for a short video, Evernote can help you get it done fast and easy.

Google Now

Google Now is an app that does its best to be your own personal assistant without costing you fifty thousand dollars a year in wages. The basic idea of Google Now is that it tries to predict what you need and then give you information to help you.

While there is still a lot of things that Google Now needs to be as good as it can be, what it can do now is pretty amazing. If you are looking for an app that really helps you get things done faster Google Now is worth the time to download.


Flipboard may very well be what finally puts an end to overpriced SMS messaging systems. The basic idea behind Flipboard is that it allows you to message and receive messages from other users without having to pay the fees most cell phone companies charge for their text messaging service.

While this is only one of many apps that do exactly the same thing, Flipboard seems to be the most popular for now and is also one of the few that works with almost any other smartphone out there.


One of the few drawbacks of the Android is that the keyboard is a bit difficult to use for most people. SwiftKey answers this problem by giving you a larger UI which makes typing up things a lot easier.

The downside is that while the keyboard is larger this means that you can’t see the document you are writing as well, but considering the size of the Android, you are going to lose space someway.

Xbox SmartGlass

Maybe Xbox got tired of emails about bad controllers, or realized that sometimes gamers need an extra controller without wanting to buy one. Xbox SmartGlass is a free app from Microsoft that turns any Android into an Xbox controller.

Whether you are playing games or watching movies, you can use Xbox SmartGlass to control your Xbox. The real question is if this will become so popular that Xboxes start to come with Androids instead of regular controllers.

Smart Tools

If you have ever had need of a level, a protractor and a yard stick all at the same time then Smart Tools is an app you have to have.

This amazing application gives anyone who uses it the ability to measure just about anything, whether it is the length of a board or the angle you want to set your latest picture frame at. While this app was developed primarily for construction workers, it is so useful that it is one  of the must have apps of 2012.


SlingPlayer takes the idea of television on your phone and improves it by giving you a chance at accessing your DVR at home while you are out and about. SlingPlayer works in conjunction with The SlingBox device and allows you to access your television programming and DVR from anywhere you can connect to the internet. It costs a couple of hundred bucks to set up, but is well worth it if you travel frequently and always miss your favorite shows.


While Android is a great tool, it gets better once you have had a chance to personalize it. What Tasker does is gives you one single app to help you personalize what your Android does and doesn’t do instead of making you download separate apps for everything.

Whether it’s to stop your screen from rotating every time you turn your Android or you want a one key mute button, Tasker can help you set it up.


Yes the Kindle App came out before 2012 but that doesn’t mean it isn’t still one of the best apps of the year. When it comes to eReaders nothing is better than Kindle and there are few people who would disagree.

Kindle eReader was developed by for their Kindle products but this app kicks butt no matter what device it is used on.

Words With Friends

Words With Friends is a surprisingly addictive word game that you can play with any friend that has the app themselves. Whether they are using an Android or a computer doesn’t matter, you can play this game with them. Words With Friends may be a rip off of Scrabble but there is no denying this game is a blast.

So there you have it, the top 10 apps for the Android of 2012. Does this list cover every awesome app out there? No but that wasn’t the idea in the first place. This is a list that should get you some great apps to put on your Android and really that’s what lists like this are about in the first place.

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