5 Crowdsourcing Websites Every Entrepreneur Should Remember


Crowdsourcing, although an age old phenomenon, has become much more popular with the conception of the internet. With access to people and places all around the world with a simple click of a button, the internet has made it easier for entrepreneurs of all kinds to find opinions, advice, and funds from people online.

Platforms for crowdsourcing are available by the dozen on the internet, but some websites stand out more than others. Here we list have the list of top 5 crowdsourcing websites that helps dozens of entrepreneur on daily basis.


5 Crowdsourcing Websites Every Entrepreneur Should Remember

Kickstarter is a crowdsourcing platform that although may be strict with what goes on the website, has gained a lot of popularity. Although focusing on films mostly, almost any project can be uploaded on this website to be funded by any amount of people, who can also give opinions or advice on the project. Although kickstarter does have a policy of retracting the donations if the goal isn’t met by the given date, many entrepreneurs will find that the popularity of the website is enough to get them to their goal.


5 Crowdsourcing Websites Every Entrepreneur Should Remember

A favorite of many people, Quirky is a crowdsourcing website that focuses more on independent, creative projects. It’s aimed at inventors, designers and engineers who are looking to make some money through funding, or gain advice from the number of experienced people on the site. It’s called social product development. It ends up costing less than almost any other website, with only $10 payable to submit your idea, but the format is a little different than other websites- the idea is shaped and molded by the community on the website, therefore commissions must be paid, and the product that is created becomes the community’s, not just the entrepreneur’s.

Startup Addict

5 Crowdsourcing Websites Every Entrepreneur Should Remember

It’s crowdsourcing for, well, people who are addicted to startups. Unlike other websites that focus more on creative projects, this website simply focuses on anything that is a startup. It’s fairly new, and unlike any of the other websites, because of its wide focus, unlike other websites that cater to the ‘niche’ market. Crowds can earn rewards when they’ve funded a project, but the aim of the website is simple- a place for people in the business or trying to be, helping out others that are the same as them.

Zillion Designs

5 Crowdsourcing Websites Every Entrepreneur Should Remember

A completely different kind of crowdsourcing website, Zillion Designs focuses on the community helping the company directly, with its brand image- the company logo. On this website, tons of designers enter competitions to design a logo for a company that hosts the contest, hoping to win the grand prize. In the end, a happy designer gets a reward, and an even happier company has a brand new image to attach to their company. Although a little priciest than other options (designers would only want to work for a substantial amount of money), it is also the best option, because more people will be willing to help out in this particular crowdsourcing venture.

Crowd Rise

5 Crowdsourcing Websites Every Entrepreneur Should Remember

This website is focused a little more on saving the planet than saving a business. The website was created for possible users to fund, or give ideas to projects that focus on saving the earth, resources, animal welfare, diseases, even religion. Although it focuses on these more, it also has the option of hosting projects that work towards raising money or ideas for personal events like birthdays and weddings. They say charity starts at home, and this website does the same thing, with users able to save the planet with a single click. Although a little pricey to raise awareness to a project, it is easy to use, and beneficial to almost everyone in the world.

There are tons of other platforms available for crowdsourcing but above given are exponentially famous amount start-ups and entrepreneurs who are planning to start a new idea!

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