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Any website cannot be popular in this day and age if it is not connected to social media, and this is exactly why there is so much talk about social media marketing everywhere you look online. Social media is taking over the cyber world, and you should never let yourself be surprised by this change. Therefore, if you have a website or blog that is powered by WordPress, you will be pleased to find some of the best social media plugins for WordPress right here!

10 WordPress Social Media Plugins You Must Have

Here is a list of some of the most important as well as most popular social media plugins for WordPress:

  1. Digg Digg (Buffer) Floating Social Media Bar – If you like the floating social media bar that can be found on Mashable, then you must get this plugin for WordPress, as it is easy to use, as well as easy to integrate with any theme you have chosen.
  2. Facebook Like Box – This is a great plugin if you want your visitors to see what is happening on your Facebook page or account without the need to actually leave your website.
  3. Tweet Stream – A great plugin if you want your visitors to see your latest Tweets alongside your Twitter profile pic. You are able to choose how many Tweets are shown on your website.
  4. Social Media Tabs – This is probably the best way to show off all of your social media profile in one place on your website, and let your visitors click on the profile or profiles they wish to visit.
  5. Sociable – This free plugin will add a large number of social media buttons to all of your posts, pages, and the RSS feed.
  6. ShareThis – Owing to the fact that over a million websites use this plugin, it is obvious why you should choose it as well. It will give your visitors a chance to easily share anything that they find interesting on your website or blog.
  7. Shareaholic – You must have seen this great sharing tool somewhere online, as it looks great. It promotes sharing content, and it has a fantastic design. Also, there is a total of 86 services to choose from.
  8. Social Toolbar – The toolbar sits on the bottom of your website and it is both a sharing and a following plugin. It is practical and low-key, which is often a great idea.
  9. Add to Any Bookmark Button – As the name suggests, this plugin will let your visitors add the content they find interesting to any bookmark manager they wish.
  10. Social Media Widget – This plugin will give you a chance to add any social media button to your website and let your visitors follow you on any of the social networks they wish.

These have only been some of the social media plugins available for WordPress. Which of these you will use is totally up to you, and you are also always advised to do your own research and choose the plugins that best suit your needs.

Abhishek is a SEO consultant and works with a numbe of companies based across 20 countries. He likes to work on WordPress websites and likes to evaluate different plugins including client file upload plugins.

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