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It’s terribly frustrating to waste your time, energy and money building an attractive blog, and not be able to get those who would benefit from it the most to see it, because they don’t know it exists. In this article, I’m going to give you a few tips, tricks and strategies to point you in the right direction in putting an end to this madness.

First of all, submit your blog’s RSS feed to My Yahoo and Google Reader for it to be indexed by them. Add a relevant link directory to your blog, and trade links like there’s no tomorrow. This method is one of the best means of driving traffic to your blog.

Employ pinging sites such as: and and ping your blog every time you post new information. Submit your blog to as many RSS directories and search engines as possible. This is an easy (but repetitive process) that can be accomplished with a software called RSS Submit.

Comment on blogs and in forums. When you respond, don’t just leave short, half-hearted comments like, “I agree” or “that was a good question”. Leave well thought out comments, that’ll force readers to sit up and take notice and ask “who wrote this?”

Use trackbacks. If there’s a blog that you believe is highly relevant to your subject, leave a track back. It increases your link popularity, and may even attract interested readers from the linked site.  Try newspaper ads, public bulletin boards, business cards, and even stickers to let as many people as possible know your blog exists.

Put a link to your blog in all your e-mail signatures. Find a relevant Google groups, Yahoo groups, etc. and any of the thousands of other FREE group services to locate like-minded people to speak with. Make sure to use your blog URL address at any and every opportunity that presents itself.

Forums are one of the best places to go for advice. Utilize them and become a problem solver. Make sure to leave your blog URL address, but be tactful about this; some forums get annoyed with those who selfishly drop in a few links to their own site, and then abruptly leave the forum.

Although these are some of the more popular ways to drive traffic to your blog, don’t limit yourself to what I’ve indicated here. Think “outside the box”, and you’ll come up with even more ways of driving thousands of visitors to your blog.

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