The Best Places To Host Your Videos


Whether it is for marketing campaign, personal use or information dissemination, you can easily post your videos on the Internet without any difficulty. With various gadgets and other devices that have recording functions and features, you can create your own videos and upload them right away. Doing this allows you to share your videos to millions of Internet users all over the world.

Instead of looking for other options on how to reach to more people, you might as well use the current technology and upload creative videos. Not only do you share your video content but you also get to save space since you do not have to store your video files in your computer hardware.

The Best Video Hosting Sites

In finding the best sites to host your videos, you need to consider important factors like the cost, quality of video and the ease of use. Every website offering video hosting services has its own features. You just have to get out of your way and search for some of the best video hosting sites.

1. YouTube

No doubt, when you hear the word video hosting service, YouTube comes to mind. Ever since Google acquired the site way back in 2006, YouTube has gained an enormous number of subscribers. If you want to video hosting site that has high Internet traffic that can help you, this is the place to be. YouTube has a high traffic network. When an online user searches for certain keywords and your video is all about those keywords, the user can reach your video posted online. Creating account with YouTube is also free. You can even record direct to YouTube if you have a web camera. In fact, you can connect your Google account.

2. Vimeo

Another top quality web video hosting service belongs to Vimeo. Up to date, Vimeo is estimated to have a traffic volume of 57 million people. This figure only accounts for online users in the United States. Vimeo is definitely a good web video hosting site if you intend to host your videos for commercial or business purposes. You can either use Vimeo using a free account but it has limited bandwidth. But they also have premium accounts that have extra features and functions.

3. Brightcove

Major leading brands like Phillips, Discovery Channel, etc. make use of the hosting services offered by Brightcove. They offer some of the best video hosting services for business oriented clients. With Brightcove, you can have custom styling of video players. They also provide advanced analytics that you can use to monitor your viewers. The rates start at $5 per month for every video. They also offer other plans depending on the number of videos that you want to upload online.

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