Cinema 4D – An Explanation And Overview Of Features


If you are looking for powerful and infallible software to express your creativity then you have to definitely go for Cinema 4D. Do you have an unrealistic or very complex idea that you want to showcase to others, cinema 4D is the ideal format for presenting such ideas. It is your gateway to another world and another dimension. Wondering what cinema 4D is? It is best described as an application developed by MAXON for 3D modeling and animation. Cinema 4D has certainly come along way since its inception in the 1990s and release on the Amiga. Nowadays, all kinds of creatives are using Cinema 4D for stunning videos and its actually used in a lot of the latest film releases: The Girl with The Dragonf Tatoo, Spider Man 3, Tron: Legacy to name but a few.

Many people might be daunted at the prospect of learning how to use this software, espcially when you see some of the finished works that are on Vimeo etc. Cinema 4D, however, is very easy to learn and anyone can master it. Many 3D software applications on the market today are very complex and confusing to use but Cinema 4D is actually intuitive to use. Cinema 4D has every possible feature you could need for animation, and with its optimised workflow makes using it quite easy. Furthermore, you can adjust lighting, textures and provide real-time rendering. There are various extensions, some of which include:

Sketch and Toon extension allows creating unrealistic and imaginary things like cartoons. Using this feature, you can easily render in crayon style or 2D style. If you want to perform an action like walking or talking then MOCCA tools can be used. To design Logo’s, commercial advertisements, trailers MoGraph extensions can be used. Body paint is an option that helps to paint 3D geometry such as buildings, game designs. If you’re aquianted with Photoshop software, then this will come as second nature to you. There is an option called Exchange plug-in. Architects who use CAD to design building projects can use this plug-in for rendering the model. Cinema 4D is the perfect software for professionals in the video production/film industry with a range of sophisticated features.

In terms of pricing and editions you can find out more information from Maxon’s online store. Maxon’s Cinema 4D Studio is the version professionals should consider to get access to all the advanced tools, and is fully capable of handling any kind of project. At $3,695.00 it’s definitely a consdierable investment, and suited towards the prosumer end of the market. If you just want something for graphic design, we’d recommend looking at Cinema 4D Prime at a more palatable $995. Cinema 4D is certainly coming into its element in the market today, and has already quickly become the standard for use in the film industry.

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Guest Post by Dragonfly Productions – a video production company based in London

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