Sprint Palm Treo Pro


Sprint Palm Treo Pro

Indeed, the mobile phone industry is truly dynamic and ever changing. New products are constantly being introduced to modify, if not, replace obsolete ones. Mobile phone manufacturers are regularly innovating their smart phones in order to cope with the demands of the market. One of these new products that have been introduced to the market is the Sprint Palm Treo Pro.

Just like the other smart phones, the Sprint Palm Treo Pro is one of the smart phones which are being powered by Windows Mobile 6.1. It boasts of a display screen which is highly sensitive to touch and is equipped with a regular QWERTY keyboard. Incidentally, this model of the Palm Treo Pro is packed with the complete software from Sprint such as TV, Music and Navigation applications. To spice things up, there have been essential updates to the existing software, including a faster processor.

It has been noticed by many mobile phone users that the most useful innovation to the Sprint Palm Treo Pro is the internet explorer 6 for mobile phones. To further jazz the phone up, the recent upgrade includes the installation of Flash Lite version 3.1.T As a result of these system improvements, the phone has made it possible for the user to experience an enhanced internet surfing experience. However, it has been observed that the mobile version of the internet explorer 6 is relatively slow in loading the web pages as compared to the old version of the internet explorer.

In addition, the Sprint Palm Treo Pro is known to have an excellent voice call quality even if the signal bar appearing on the display appears very low. Aside from its superb call reception quality, the phone is also equipped with an ear piece which provides clear sound including a speaker system which has the right loudness. The other notable features of the Sprint Palm Treo Pro are as follows: it jives perfectly with headsets with Bluetooth capabilities. It also complements other stereo Bluetooth ear phones. Further, the Sprint Palm Treo Pro is endowed with a voice command recognition and dialing mechanism. Moreover, speed dialing, smart dialing and conference calling support are also available in the phone. As to its software, the Sprint Palm Treo Pro comes with the Windows Mobile software which enables the user to do MS Office applications on the phone like MS Word, MS Excel, MS Power Point and even One Note. The battery of the phone is also reliable as it is able to provide adequate power to support the functions of the Treo Pro.

In conclusion, the Sprint Palm Treo Pro is not really expected to appeal to everyone’s tastes. However, if you feel that you will be doing some encoding and typing on your phone, then the Sprint Palm Treo Pro may just be perfect for you because of its huge QWERTY keyboard.  In addition, the Treo Pro is perfect for business purposes because of its easy functionality. Overall, the Treo Pro will be a good buy.

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