5 Basic SEO Tips For Bloggers


Search Engine Optimization not only helps boost your business but also let’s your voice be heard by those that matter. Your blogs, personal or for business purposes are only useful as long as they reach the right market or audience. Here are some ways you can increase SEO and turn your blog from a tiny squeak to a shout out to the world.

1. How to Get Them to Get to You

The most important part is to help people find you. So ask yourself what would you Google if you were looking for the material you provide? It will help you get a better understanding of the kinds of titles you should be writing and will let you get a perspective about optimizing your material.

2. Keywords

Keywords are pretty much the key to generate traffic. Google will display your content based on the relevance of the searched keywords. There are many keyword search tools available which can help you use specific words to optimize searches. Wordtracker is one such example which can help in keyword searches.

3. Trends

Research is mandatory in all walks of life, and it is important in blogging too. You need to know what seems to be trending in your specific field. Go through YouTube’s “today’s most popular” or “today’s favorite videos”. Also check what’s trending on Twitter and other social networking sites. This will enable you to better understand what the world is currently talking about and thus will help optimize your searches regularly. Also read blogs from your competitors or people who write about similar topics to get a better understanding of what they are talking about and if it’s working for them.

4. Descriptive Headlines

Your headlines should explain what the content of your blog is all about. Headlines that ask questions or answer a certain query are going to be far more successful then poetic or confusing ones. Also try to keep the keywords in the beginning of the title as it will be more productive in SEO. For instance if you are writing a blog about party make up then a headline like “Perfect Party Make-up” will be far more successful then “Rocking the Party” as the latter does not specifically explain the content of your blog.

5. Highlighting

Highlighting your most successful blogs will enable the readers to read through your best pieces and will provide link equity for successful posts. Most blogging systems allow blogs to be highlighted. So make the best of them, and you wouldn’t have to repeat the same story or make the same point again and again.

Blogging is a fun, informative, productive and an interactive forum. It allows you to put a voice to your thoughts and get a niche market for your products and services. But it can only help you as long as you are smart about it. These tips will help you with search engine optimization, which in turn will increase the traffic of your blog. These tips however will only direct visitors to your page, but only the relevance and usefulness of its content will make them stay and come back for more.

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