Why Samsung Nexus S May Not Be The Right Phone For You?


Samsung Nexus S

At first, the new Samsung Nexus S may sound promising, but as we look closer there are a few things that may make you think whether buying a Nexus S is good idea. Obviously, Nexus S will be considered as unique due to its NFC chip, Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) and contour display. But unfortunately, you won’t see many improvements over the earlier Nexus One. In fact, you may be a little disappointed to see that the new phone isn’t quite the way you expected it to be. Of course, it is still among the best Android devices out there and should be well worth your money.

These are some reasons that may make you feel frustrated with the new phone. Or they may not be serious matters for you, but they could be for others.

Mediocre processor

If hex-core processors are currently the newcomer on desktop computers, in a matter of months, dual-core processors will begin to power mobile devices. One year ago, the 1 GHz Snapdragon was considered as a super mobile processor, but next year, Nvidia’s dual-core Tegra 2 processor will be available on some mobile devices.

No 4G support

Many carriers are competing fiercely in building their latest hi-speed data network, but unfortunately owners of Nexus S can’t join in. Currently, T-Mobile’s myTouch 4G and G2 are capable of supporting the HSPA+ network. Just like Nexus One, Nexus S is better supported by T-Mobile. On AT&T network, Nexus S can only support the 2G connection (EDGE).

No LED indicators

Many smartphone users rely on LED notifications to quickly see whether they have new emails and text messages also missed calls. After awhile, it would be rather tedious to tap the phone regularly to see if there is a new text message. Nexus One offered trackball indicators for various types of notifications, but unfortunately, Nexus S doesn’t have any of them and users need to resort on checking the messages regularly.

Mediocre camera

Nexus S will feature a 5MP camera which can take decent photographs and acceptable video. However, putting a 5MP camera on a premier smartphone may not be a good choice. An 8 MP should be a better choice, as it is already become a standard in phone industry. Samsung released Xperia X10 with an 8MP camera, so it is a pity if it refuses to put the same camera on Nexus S.

Lack of MicroSD slot

Sadly, 16GB of storage is no longer enough for most smartphone users, because they tend to store gigabytes of full-length movies, video clips and songs, if you’re like them, you’re bound to need additional storage in a few months. On other Android phones, storage is not an issue as you have the opportunity to insert a larger memory card. Copying Apple’s idea of not offering a memory slot is obviously not a good idea.

Poor HDMI support

We have become so accustomed with connecting our mobile devices to a TV set to play HDMI videos. We often use DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance DLNA) and HDMI-output to do so. Those who own Evo 4G are luckier as they have HDMI output capability, while Droid 2 owners can use DLNA. And if you bring a Nexus S with you, how will you share your HD videos to a roomful of friends?

As a whole, Nexus S can still be considered as an excellent device with many exciting features, which will satisfy most of its users. However if you believe that Nexus S doesn’t have what you really need the most, then you should look elsewhere.

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