A Groundbreaking Camera that is Almost an Ideal Single Shot Shooter


A Groundbreaking Camera that is Almost an Ideal Single Shot Shooter

The camera you choose should be a groundbreaking model that comes with all the features and functions of a high end model, and it should be a perfect opportunity for you to showcase your talents even if you are shopping on a budget. The Casio Exilim Pro Ex-F1 can do just that. At jut $1000, there are very few single shot shooters that can match the innovation of this machine, especially when it comes to speed, resolution, and image quality.

The device from Casio boosts impressive shutter speeds, and loading times, complete with a high resolution videos and pictures in the quickest time. There appears to be very little wrong with this machine, besides the weight and low quality images. However, this has not detracted from the overall design of this particular model, because each of its 24 ounces provides the model with a capture rate that can be compared to a compact machine rather than the digital single lens reflex. It allows for the best of both worlds to be utilized within one device. While not exactly suitable for use every day due to the bulky frame making it difficult to carry, and the expense of the machine leading to a worry of extensive damage, the machine is still a very extensive device for the professional photographers.

Features on the Pro EX F1 are boosted by the 12x optical zoom, HD quality recording when taking video shots and the ability to take at least 60 photographs in one second. These features are accessed by the controls that are on the side of the body using a mode dial. The shutter button is easy to access, and this allows you to accurately navigate the menu systems to change the flash or capture speed, and also the video function being able to be accessed in a separate menu gives the whole machine a decidedly divine feel.

Of course, there are flaws in the system. As with any machine, the image quality can sometimes be a let down if you expect much more than the device can give, but by the same token the device is ultimately selective enough to fully capture the images at a high enough rate with the auto focus and exposure levels being fixed.

The speed is a major winner for this model. The load up time can be quite slow in comparison to other single lens reflex models, but the rest completely makes up for this. The speed at which you can accurately capture the action of any event without needing to resort to a camcorder setting, even at the highest resolution means that you have a superior model with both settings. It is imperative though that you make time and space for the images, as the memory card, even an 8GB SD card can take a lengthy 17 seconds to transfer just 60 photos. Of course, this flaw is minor, and the ability to have your perfect moments shared almost instantly with the world always wins.

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