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How To Design Your Landing Page For A Higher Conversion Rate


Good landing page design & development aims at increasing the conversion rate of a website. However, achieving this might not be an easy affair and there are a few tricks that you should know about in order to get the job done. First, it is essential that your landing page is aligned with the main objective of your direct mail message or email. In short, the landing page should be made in a highly focused manner by first articulating the various requirements of your visitors and then focusing on what you need them to do. Whether you require the visitors to apply, contact you or request for more information, your website-landing page needs to be designed around the main objective.

There should also be a development of a streamlined path leading the visitors to your offer. If there are items that might tend to confuse your visitors such as homepage links, such unneeded elements must be removed. This is made on the fact that the main reason of having visitors at the site is not to surf the website but rather to complete the main action. Elements and message on your site landing page needs to be validated either through email messages or direct mail. This is more so where a visitor has been directed to your website from another source and they need to find a validation on landing page that they are not lost.

It is advisable that you create several landing pages each for a different purpose in order to suit all your business needs. Actually, during landing page design & development, ensure that every landing page on your site focuses on a specific keyword for best results. At other times, you can also design the landing pages in a way that each of them focuses on a specific source of traffic. For instance, chances of a visitor from your business Facebook page buying at the website is low compared to traffic from other sources.

If you have to ask customers for information at your site, it is essential that this is not overdone as visitors might start being suspicious. As such, just ask for the necessary information only. If more information is needed, it needs to be gathered progressively and with time. It is not a good idea just to maintain a simple list containing email addresses and first names without any further information. In fact, landing page design & development should aim at making the landing page a marketing funnel for your business. Also, for the information you collect, it is essential that you inform the visitors how you intend to use it, so that they can learn what they should expect from you. Lastly, before publishing the landing page, test it first by using different browsers. Also, testing how it displays on mobile devices, various operating systems and so on. Continue to test calls to action and even email follow-ups to ensure that your landing page is in its best state to guarantee a perfect conversion rate.

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