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7 Tips To Optimize Facebook Fan Page For Your Business


If you want to increase the visibility of your online business, creating Facebook fan page is a necessary thing to do. However, you need to optimize your Facebook fan page to properly deliver more targeted traffic to your website and increase your reputation. Here are 7 tips to optimize Facebook fan page for your business:

1. Apply SEO for your Facebook fan page

Applying SEO for your fan page will help you to attract more organic traffic to your website. Add your keywords to several places in your Facebook fan page, such as title, about page, info and your wall posts. Place keywords in those places whenever possible. However, don’t spam. Think of it like regular search engine optimization for your website. If you apply good SEO for your fan page, it will give you more power in the search engine.

2. Give reward for your fans

Occasionally, you can give reward for your fan. Just make sure that your reward is valuable for your fans. Encourage more people to like your Facebook fan page by giving some appropriate gifts or offers. By giving good reward, more and more people will be interested in joining your fan page. And most importantly, you will attract more potential customers.

3. Post often and respond to wall post quickly

Don’t make your fan page too silent. You should update your fan page as often as possible. The most important thing you can do is to post on your wall regularly and respond to wall post regularly. You shouldn’t abandon your fan page as this will be synonymous to abandoning your potential customers. By updating your fan page often, you will be able to build good relationship with your potential customers.

4. Create a poll

Create a poll in your fan page to encourage feedbacks from your fans. In this way, you will know what your customers think about your business or your product. Poll is a great tool to research what your market really wants.

5. Place an opt-in

Placing an opt-in offer and giving away free stuff in your Facebook fan page is the best method to attract a lot of subscribers on your list. Don’t forget that people on Facebook are usually not ready to buy your product right away. But, they will be willing to subscribe to your list if you give them good free product to download.

6. Photos, videos, tutorials

Give your fans useful information in your fan page. You can give them a series of tutorials related to your niche or you can post good videos that contain information to solve specific problem related to your niche. Also, post some interesting photos related to your business as well. It will help you the interest of your fans in your product.

7. Promote your fan page with Facebook ads

Do you want to attract more fans to your fan page? One useful way is to use Facebook Ads to promote your fan page. By targeting good demographics related to your fan page, you can easily get more Like for a cheap price. If you use Facebook Ads correctly, you will be able to increase the number of your fans quickly.

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