Emerging Technologies And Trends That Businesses Need To Adopt


There was a time when the use of mobile phones and computers would have been qualified as entrepreneurial – now all companies operate with a relentless reliance of these technologies. The technological market is expanding at an unprecedented rate, leading to a constant stream of new opportunities that are just waiting to be capitalised on. All these opportunities mean that any business not wanting to be left behind and eventually bankrupt needs to quickly, effectively and frequently alter their practices. This era’s new technologies have now arrived and the first to adapt to them will reign as king.

Social Networking: Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn aren’t just for your teenage daughter – they are now a vital tool for many successful businesses. Effective use of social networking sites can reap a myriad of benefits;

  1. Generating Awareness and Custom: Many social networking sites allow business advertisement , there are also tools present to target these advertisements. With such a rich pool of active potential customers this is an opportunity that most businesses cannot afford to pass by.
  2. Increasing Positive Association: Liking, supporting, sharing and commenting on certain activities and groups will subtly associate your company with the former.
  3. Creating Contacts: Professional’s from every sector imaginable use social networking, putting yourself out there may help you find a new business contact which could allow you to broker mutually beneficial agreements.

Skype: it is an irrefutable fact that relationships build quicker and people communicate better when they can see each other – as so much of communication is facial recognition. As such, deals and agreements are much easier to broker face to face – although Skype calls aren’t quite as effective as the real thing, they are a big improvement to phone calls and emails. Skype conference calls can also be preferential to the less essential company meetings – as travel time is dramatically reduced.

Mobile Targeted Practices: Web browsing on your phone becomes more accessible and more widely used every day. People use their phone to access the internet while they are on the go and so isolating mobile users is a huge benefit for those who offer relevant products. Such products are; games and entertainment, restaurants, cafes, internet hotspots, vouchers, emergency services and cinemas. If you think you could increase your revenue through targeting mobile use then you have a variety of options to pursue, such as; creating a dedicated mobile site, paying for mobile only advertising and creating or using mobile applications.

This article was written by Jacob Catt on behalf of Hubworking – who offer professional business and meeting rooms in the London area. Perfect if you have an important meeting that just has to be face to face.

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