6 Tips To Protect Your Data


Very often we hear that some data from a big company was stolen by hackers. Wonder that all these enterprises still haven’t recognized the necessary of encrypting such inside data. There are some techniques can be used to secure information. We hope you’ll find it interesting and helpful, because it can have a huge impact on the ability to still your data by hackers.

Apply more security to the data access

Password access is a minimum of protection you must have. To improve it, add one more layer over it. You can use biometrics on the computer instead the simple password. Encrypt virtual private tunnels in the network and use SSL in order to get to apps and servers over the network.

Network encryption

Unencrypted network is like an open window to your work. Even if you just a simple user, who has the own Wi-Fi, you should protect it in order not to give third persons to penetrate into the system. It is not difficult, but very important. There are encryption modules and firmware for encrypting data available in the most of the networks.

Make sure you secured the backups

Probably you have heard about stolen backup tapes with clients or other data in other companies. You can buy tape drives or use a virtual tape library that encrypts tapes. Thus, the data will be safe if you need to ship your tapes offsite. You can also make corporate if some of your employees have other types of devices like iPad.

Secure your recovery location

During the crisis providing safety to your recovery location became the first thing you need to be care of. Of course you can ship tapes for data recovery or instead rather you can use an encrypted link by vaulting it to a secure facility. And don’t forget to encrypt the data which is going over the encrypted link at the network.

Encrypt data at rest

Software market provides people with wide range of products to encrypt the data in the storage network by using the storage hardware. Enterprises with big budget can use VSP storage array to encrypt your data or you can use Brocade’ switches in the network.

Overcome key management issues

Key management should accompany the database encryption. Security and administration require defining key policy and enforcing key management to use centralized method. And don’t keep the key to the data alongside to it.

This is a guest post written by Andrew Smith, the PR Manager and Representative of QArea – IT outsourcing company which provides software outsourcing services in all information technology fields.

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