Lead Nurturing With Autoresponders


Most people aren’t natural buyers, there are so many products and services put in front of our eyes on a daily basis that we tend to have a bias against purchasing. Quite often if a product or service is offered to us we will instinctively turn away from it because we feel bombarded by sales pitches.

The reality is though that people need products and services and quite often even though we turn away from sales pitches in the back of our minds we may will be interested in those products or services.

This is why it’s so important when sending out your email marketing campaigns to nurture your leads. Just because you send out an initial campaign and you don’t get a very good response it does mean that your list is not grant convert, it just means that you need to nurture your subscribers take them on a journey, show them the products and services that you have to offer let them understand your company and your brand and they will become customers.

Lead Nurturing With Autoresponders

Based on this information it is no surprise that conversions often don’t come until the fifth, sixth or seventh communication. Many of your competitors properly have given up way before they reached this stage thinking that the customer is just not interested in the product when the reality is that the customer just needs time to think about investing in the product or service.

Autoresponders are really effective method of nurturing your subscribers, they are really great as well because they are automated so it doesn’t require a huge amount of effort from you as the sender.

Freshmail offer a comprehensive autoresponder software that is very easy to set up and can be very effective as a way of nurturing your subscribers and increasing convergence in the long term. You can set up one autoresponder for free!

When you create a campaign you can configure a whole set of autoresponders that will go out to your subscribers on particular days, four example you may have an email configured to go out as soon as they subscribe and then you may have another email configured to go up a couple of days later and so on.

Each of these autoresponders can be tailored to your customer at any particular stage of their membership in your list, as time goes on you can send them more specific information about your products and this allows your customer to feel cared for by you and will ultimately make them far more likely to convert.

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