2015’s Best Improvements In Medical Testing Equipment


Medical testing equipment continues to improve exponentially every year. In fact, it would be hard to discuss all the improvements because the field is changing at such a rapid-fire pace. It seems as though daily we read about something new that is being invented or improved upon and some of these new changes will border on what used to be considered science fiction. Below are just a few of 2015’s best improvements in medical testing equipment.

2015's Best Improvements in Medical Testing Equipment

The Pill Cam
The Pill Cam is literally a camera taken in pill form. It replaces the traditional endoscope when checking the G.I. track for anomalies and has become the gold standard for diagnosing issues within the upper and lower gastrointestinal tract. Patients find this to be far less invasive and intimidating than the traditional testing methods. This new type of endoscopy is surely something we would see in any science fiction movie.

The API-Fix
Idiopathic Scoliosis is a diagnosis most parents dread to hear. It usually means their child will be confined to some type of body brace. These braces can be emotionally and physically terrifying for any child. Wearing such a brace could last for many months but now has changed thanks to the API-Fix. This fascinating new piece of technology helps to correct curvatures of the spine without using a body brace. The procedure is minimally invasive, and it leaves very little scarring. About 15 patients have been tested using this new technology and the results look very promising.

The Endo-Pat Device
This groundbreaking piece of medical testing technology can be used to find early onset of heart disease and arteriosclerosis. It is so accurate that the patient only has to be tested once every seven years. Interestingly, the device also has a side benefit. Doctors can also use it for understanding erectile dysfunction which can help patients decide whether or not to use erection-enhancing drugs.

In Vitro Skin Tests Skin irritation following an exposure to some kinds of chemicals has to be tested, and sadly has involved laboratory animals in the past. Luckily new technologies have made in vitro skin irritation tests possible and places like Nelson Laboratories are making strides in improving these tests. This means testing is done by inducing a positive skin irritation response in polar and non-polar solvents. It’s the kind of science that makes everyone happy.

Argo Medical Technologies’ is a medical testing laboratory that is also known for its robotics research. Their new re-walk exoskeleton is enabling paraplegics to run marathons, and is currently being used by patients in Europe. The personal model is made for everyday use, and has been a huge success. However, it is currently awaiting FDA approval in the United States. An exoskeleton is something we see in science fiction movies all the time and is now becoming reality for many in the medical field.

These are just a few of 2015’s best improvements in medical testing equipment. As time goes on, we might see medical scanners like the ones used in the Star Trek. Remote testing and diagnostics look promising for the future, and nanotechnology and artificial intelligence are starting to make great strides as well

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