Essential Apps for Small Business Owners


Essential Apps for Small Business OwnersPart of being a business owner is having the capability to operate efficiently. In previous years, this may have meant spending long hours at the office or place of business. However, technology has made life for the common business owner much easier and realistic. Many applications for smartphones and iPhones help business owners manage their business outside of the workplace. Moreover, there are business apps that address each facet of owning a business. If you are a small business owner, here are some apps that should be in your smartphone or iPhone.


Dimewise is a financial app that records every purchase and expense and categorizes them. Moreover, this app displays financial records in various graphs, such as a pie chart. This allows business owners to take an in-depth look at their monthly budget and make adjustments for future months.


Crunching numbers is never easy. Many business owners are horrible mathematicians. Luckily, this app can solve even complicated financial equations. Whether you need it for algebra or calculus, Instacalc will help you crunch your business’ figures. It will even let you choose from a variety of charting options to display your figures.


Freshbooks is an app that helps business owners manage timesheets, invoices and billings. It also allows clients to pay business owners via Pay Pal, and other third-party payment sites. Freshbooks also works well with importing current billing data, making synchronization with other billing programs easy for business owners.


This is an iPhone app that allows users to acquire signatures while on the go. Signatures are captured on PDF documents for quotes, contracts and other forms that require hand-written signatures.


QuickOffice is essentially what it sounds like. It is an app that allows users to access their Microsoft Office documents and make changes while they are away from their computer. Document files include Word, Excel, Image viewing and PDF viewing. This app will cost you $14.99, but it is a must-have for business owners who rely on their computer and Microsoft Office.

Purchase Order by Canvas

As a business owner, there will be times when you need to be in your office to take care of purchase information, but you will have to be somewhere else. Purchase Order allows you to create various purchase orders no matter where you are. You can enter shipping addresses, shipping methods, quantity information, prices and other important purchase details.


This app’s name may throw you off, but it is a great app for independent contractors. It allows them to organize any jobs, clients and projects they may have going on at the time. It also allows them to send estimates to prospective clients, report taxes and send invoices to current clients.

Take these apps into consideration. They are great assets to have, helping you work more efficiently and effectively.

Steve Ashland is a financial advisor for medium to large corporations. He says to check out these purchase order finance basics before using your cash reserves or capital for those large customer orders.

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