How To Find Out If You Are Being Paranoid


Over the many years that we have been helping people from all walks of life to solve their problems by means of investigative work, we have experienced a growing trend for clients working as a private investigator we pride ourselves being able to  assist in helping our clients determine whether or not their fears of somebody monitoring their activities hold any truth.

Strange though it may seem, many thousands of people over the last twenty five years have experienced the sleepless nights and feelings of paranoia that develop when one believes that they are being watched, followed, listened to or spied upon.

The reasons for these feelings being present are many and varied but the uncomfortable feeling of having to live your life whilst constantly looking over your shoulder remains a constant theme of our investigations and one in which we have unprecedented experience in dealing with.

Here are some examples of this type of paranoia suffering clientele:

Example One  
A stalking ex-boyfriend (who had previously admitted to having monitored an old flame) was suspected of listening in to our concerned client’s telephone calls. She often heard unexplained clicks and whistles on the line when she was making and receiving calls. We stepped in to help by conducting a sweep of her handset for anything monitoring it and thankfully found and removed some software that was present and that confirmed her suspicions.

Example Two
Exasperated bosses of a small business were convinced that there was a possibility of an ex-employee with a grievance sabotaging their operation by re-directing clients away from them by accessing emails and databases on the company computers. Forensic examination revealed that this was not the case, but this information enabled them to concentrate their efforts elsewhere and they were soon able to identify an accomplice of the suspect who was still in their employ, who was removing the data and feeding it to the dismissed individual.

Example Three
Texts received by a very distressed female client telling her of her whereabouts, was so unsettling that she called our freephone number for help and advice. It seemed that whenever she made a shopping trip, visited friends, and worst of all, picked up her children from their respective after school clubs, she was being notified by the mystery stalker that he or she seemed to know exactly where our client was and when she was there. Following our expert advice she was the recipient of a technical sweep of her motor vehicle which soon revealed that a discreet tracking device had been planted by somebody that was recording and reporting her movements to the person responsible.

Final thought
Paranoia is real. We know that our clients can never deal with something until they know precisely what they are dealing with and our range of solutions to identify, neutralise and remove devices that monitor our client’s movements or activities are unrivalled in their ability to remove this worst of all negative feelings.

If you feel that someone may be watching you please contact us UK Investigator we are always available to help you

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