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Yes, the Smartphone generation is becoming too smart. With every new release, something innovative is expected. The new Motorola phone Flipout, well, does justice to its status as a NEW release.


  • It’s a small package boasting high end features with total convenience.
  • The QWERTY addition to the touch screen provides the much needed zip and works well.
  • Extremely comfortable keypad(Qwerty)


  • Disappointing battery life.
  • 320*240 resolution is too low for the new generation.
  • 3.1 mp camera works fine but not good enough when compared to its counterpart Quench which boasts a 5 mp camera.

First take

Owners of Nokia 7705 twist might mistake it to be the same because of the swivel technique. Some were not even impressed with the style and a swivel working may not last longer. It has a 2.8 inch capacitive screen and includes 3 main buttons as the interface: menu, home and return. The micro Usb port comes down whereas the 3.5 mm audio jack along with lock/volume comes on the left/right sides.

At around 310 $, this compact new Motorola phone has all the qualities of a hit section and grabs attention well. Compare to the likes of Lg optimums, Htc wildfire, Samsung series and xcd series; it has certainly created a niche with a decent touch screen experience and brilliantly working QWERTY.


Oohhh…disappointing! The sharpness is missing along with miss-mash of colors. Sunlight destroys whatsoever exists where you can hardly see anything but the touch screen response comes as a savior. Overall, the screen size is quite good and the best part is the QWERTY keypad. It’s impossible to have such ease of use in this price and this small segment. Even though, the partition is not well directed. The touch screen keypad and physical one combo make navigating much easier. The new swivel design in this new Motorola phone looks solid and the sound is also nice but I wonder how long it would last.

The android 2.1 operating system comes as an inside wrapping in the Motoblur which is pretty much what htc sense is to htc phones. It’s nonintrusive and minimal which is impressive. Other additions like the battery manager and full flexibility of widgets improved this new Motorola phone but hasn’t slowed it down. 512 Mb ram helps Flipout’s 600 MHz processor. A Froyo update will be a blessing because that will allow shifting of apps to memory card as 150 Mb internal space is just not enough. The package includes a 2 GB memory card and the call quality offered is good. At this price, one can expect a 5mp camera but instead the 3.15 mp camera works just average. The battery life is decent (Android phone…my dear friend) and with just services used, it will last a day.


At 315 US $, it certainly is a steal deal. Besides basic stuff, it has got personalized wow factors which will surely attract the customer. For those who want the best of both worlds (touch screen and QWERTY), go for it!!!


Design: 7

Working: 7

Value: 7

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