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Software testing is one of the important steps when it comes to software development life cycle. You cannot ignore it for successful launch and implementation of any product, application or software. The basic objective of software testing is to make sure that developed product, application or software is working fine as per the requirements. Most of the organizations fail to deploy the software just because of lacking software testing phase of software engineering.

Software development companies dealing in huge development surely have their own software testing departments but small development companies lack it. They often used to hire companies offering software testing services equipped with all the weapons to do software testing. Software testing is done under a process and there are some software testing methods to perform it. I have collected all the software testing methods and have listed them for you.

Below you can see all the software testing methods and a short explanation to all of them.

Beta Testing

A product is released for beta testing before it is released as an ultimate version. It is a second phase of software testing and comes after Alpha testing. The basic objective of beta testing is to have feedback from end user.

System Testing

Like the term says, system testing is sort of software testing which is done on complete integrated system to make it sure that it is compatible with the product or software needed to be implemented.

Smoke Testing

Smoke testing most of the times referred to physical testing is held to find leaks related to product or application. It is most of the times used in plumbing, woodwind repair, software development and in disease control.

Security Testing

Security testing is held to make it sure that information processed in complete process is safe and secure.

Stress Testing

Stress testing is held to evaluate the robustness of any application and the test process is held beyond the limits of normal operation.

Performance Testing

Software performance testing is held to make it sure that developed product is fine regarding performance and will not irritate the end users during implementation.

Regression Testing

Regression testing is held to make it sure that modified product is working fine but uncovering the software errors by partially retesting.

Unit Testing

A developer makes units or chunks of code while programming. Each and every unit of code is later checked by software testing team to make it sure they are bug free.

Black Box Testing

Black box testing is conducted to ensure the functionality of the software or application and is referred to internal structure or working of an application or product.

White Box Testing

White box testing is held to ensure that code implemented is as per the design. It focuses how to strengthen the security and how to validate the flows of inputs.

Integration Testing

Integration testing is held to ensure that each and every module of the software or application is working fine and as per the requirements.

Scalability Testing

Scalability testing makes it sure that software or application is working fine in terms of functions, performance, load and transactions.

Conformance Testing

Conformance testing is held to ensure that software or application is fine in terms of specified standards like efficiency or interoperability.

Compatibility Testing

Compatibility testing is held to make it sure that developed application is compatible with the computing environment or not.

Alpha Testing

During alpha testing process stakeholders are provided with the information regarding quality of the product.

Recovery Testing

It is made sure during recovery testing that developed product or application is fine to recover from crashes and failures if happen.

Gray Box Testing

Gray box testing is combination of white box and black box testing. It is again held to provide stakeholders with the information regarding the quality of the application or product.

Usability Testing

It is a software testing method which is held with the end users to evaluate the product by its performance, functionality etc.

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