Apple MacBook Pro 15-inch 2.53GHz Laptop With Advanced CPU and GPU


Apple MacBook Pro 15-inch 2.53GHz Laptop With Advanced CPU and GPU

The Apple MacBook Pro 15 inch laptop may look similar to the predecessors but when there is a closer look at its professional features the new Apple MacBook Pro has advanced CPU and GPU features that makes it a great icon for its impressive performance. The new 15 inch laptop comes with three different types of configurations as per the needs and requirements. They comes with a standard 4GB RAM, graphic processor and glossy LED back lit screen that makes it look great. The laptop comes with an i5 processor, dual graphic and 500GB hard drive.

There are few interesting performances that are offer by the 15inch Apple MacBook Laptop such as hyper threading that can double the processing cores and turbo boost that can speed up the processor for a short period of time whenever needed. They can eventually increase the clock speed of the processor. All the MacBook Pro laptops offer discreet and integrated graphics for normal applications such as mail, safari and iTunes. The system uses Nvidia graphics for applications that may require a greater horsepower. The Apple MacBook Pro is found to have around 256MB of graphics memory.

The graphics are not the only upgraded technology in the Apple MacBook but also the automatic switching technology that are of great use. The all new MacBook comes with a touch screen with a glass track pad. They are button less and hence it provides more space for gliding for greater comfort and ease. One can use the fingers to scroll up or down through the pictures or the websites while browsing. The color performance looks excellent like the other MacBook series with a good resolution of 1680 by 100.One can even opt for high resolution display for an extra 100$.

The ports are usually located on the left side while the DVD drive is located on the right side of the Apple MacBook pro laptop. There are two USB ports, SD slot, FireWire 800 and a gigabit Ethernet that makes it an amazing combination of style and performance icon. The built in battery of Apple MacBook Pro can last for a period of 7 hours that is usually greater than the other MacBook series. The new laptop has also proved to be more faster than its predecessor with the latest built in technology. The price of the Apple MacBook Pro lasts from 1500 to 1600$.

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