iPhone Apps To Help You Manage Your Postal Expenses


If you have a small business, you may find yourself always on the go. You may have several employees but most of the time, the bulk of the work goes to you. Here are two iPhone apps that can help you manage your postal expenses through your phone.


Expensify is rated as one of the best free apps for expense management. Expensify is great for personal or small business use.

Your entire expense report process is automated with this app. Use this app to sync with your credit cards and bank accounts. This enables you to track purchases in real time.

You have two options of managing your receipts. One is eReceipts which are the digital copies of the paper receipts. Please take note that this is for purchases of under $75 only. For larger purchases, you can snap a picture of your receipt making your phone a receipt scanner. The app will automatically scan the image and pull out the information that you need – merchant, date and amount of transaction. This information is used to create a new cash expense or as an attachment to its matching credit card purchase.

You can pick and choose the expenses you need to add to an expense report. Expensify will email a PDF copy of this report to the person in-charge of approval for reimbursement cases. You can reimburse directly into your checking account online.

iXpenselt Lite

This app has received a lot of great reviews from CNN Money Magazine, LAPTOP Magazine and PC World. It was awarded Best Finance App by UK CNET’s Home Screen Awards.

iXpenselt Lite is limited to 100 expense records but you can transfer all your records to the full version using the “Post to iXpenselt” data and setting transfer.

By using iXpenselt, you can simplify your everyday expenses and monthly budgets. You can stay within your budget or for business use, you can get reimbursements faster. You can store photo receipts. You can generate PDF reports to know exactly where your money went.

You can use this app to remind you of upcoming bills. It has other useful features such as quick data entry based on past transactions, one-time set up for recurring transactions and a multi-currency support. It also supports VAT and GST inputs.

For reporting, it shows an overview of today’s spending versus your daily spending average. It generates an expense summary so you can see your total monthly expense, your average daily expense and your top expense for the month. You can customize your budgets in simple, detailed or you can make your own design. The iXpenselt instantly generates graphical reports and can also give you dynamic report views.

You can import or export .CSV and HTML data via email or WIFI. It also has a search feature so you can easily locate your records.

For your peace of mind, you can backup and restore your data and protect them via password protection.

With these two iPhone apps, you can turn your phone into a powerful productivity, management and organization tool.

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