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So you went on a lavish all-inclusive holiday on an exotic island or had a short weekend break with your friends in Paris? Surely, you’re overwhelmed and couldn’t resist making at least one remark on your profile before you even went on it (let’s just hope you didn’t post to your timeline two months ahead of time) earning a few likes and, perhaps, some envious comments, too. A few updates (or so you think) later, no one suddenly wants to hear a thing about your good times and here are four perfectly good reasons, why.

The Checking-In Plague
While you may as well check into your Thanksgiving turkey (and in heaven and hell for that matter, too), this feature has a strange power of adding more verifiability to your posts as long as you’re not checking into random places just for the sake of it. Checking into a relatively unknown New York coffee house may still come across as cool but what’s the point of checking into McDonald’s in Hawaii? Also, your check-ins don’t have to draw a pattern on the map so if you’ve checked in at the departure gate, airport bar and your plane seat, perhaps it’s time to let go of that phone.

One Trip. 821 Photos.
Guess what? Even holidays of a lifetime have their limits when it comes to uploading photos on Facebook. Thankfully, everyone has the option of simply not clicking on them but if you want to avoid the awkward silence after asking your friend’s opinion on your latest gallery, don’t post 800 photos of one vacation.  Not even a hundred, if you ask me. By the way, your Facebook gallery isn’t file storage either, so think of a better way to share your photos with your travelling party.

An Amazingly Obvious Trip
Let’s say the check-in feature has now unburdened you from posting about your whereabouts but what do you do? You walk around posting things like “I’m in Miami!” seconds after you have already checked into the airport lobby, clearly stating your location. Take some tips from the finest of journalism advices and refrain from stating the obvious and cut down on posts like “it’s so amazing here” as they basically say nothing. We know it’s amazing, you’re in Miami, trick.

You got Fraped (and Never Cleaned Up)
So you naively trusted your phone (or more like forgot it) with your friend as you got carried away dancing limbo and found your Facebook wall crammed with your own posts on your physical features or reproductive abilities the following morning? It’s something that happens and you had absolutely no power over it, you’d say? Still, it’s your responsibility to clean the mess as soon as possible, especially if your wall is already full of check-ins and status updates. Even if you still find that Frape hilarious, not everyone else does so remove it.

Finally, it’s no secret that many wouldn’t be so keen on documenting their exclusive holidays if they didn’t expect for some kind of response but you should never ever appear to be fishing for comments or likes. So keep it classy and nice, just like those around-the-world trips is something you do every week.

What do you think is the worst holiday Facebook update?

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Gavin Harvey is a passionate traveller who likes sharing his experiences with his friends but you’d rather hear them over a pint than read on Facebook. He explains it all, blogging for Dynamic Lives.

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