Ten Newest Financial Applications for 2011


Ten Newest Financial Applications for 2011

Web-based financial management tools have been developed in cooperation with financial institutions and creditors that house personal financial information for most people. Security concerns have been addressed by allowing consumers to create anonymous accounts and then access stripped down transaction information. These websites gather pertinent financial data and allow the user to parse the information and set up schedules to prevent overdrawn accounts and late bill payments.

Smart phone and iPad users have created a demand for comparable apps that will access their financial information in the same way as the web-based applications. Consumers not only want to keep track of their financial information but also want to save money with their finacial information. They want to be able to compare health insurance online, find coupons for their next social activity, and find the best price on gas. The following mobile financial apps have been developed for use from anywhere a cell phone signal is available.

Ten Newest Financial Applications for 2011

iPhone Apps

Currently, Verizon and AT&T are the two exclusive cell phone providers of the i-Phone. Users of the i-Phone love the convenience of internet access and a countless number of applications for any number of uses. Financial management has become more available because of increased wireless security. Since web-based financial software emerged just a couple of years ago, smart phone users have started request apps for their phones that provide similar functionality. These are just three of the best apps for iPhones:

1. iXpenseIt for iPhone – This application provides expense tracking ability. The user inputs amounts spent throughout the day and then an entire expense report is produced and exported. One-time expense set up makes recurring costs easy to enter in the report.

2. Loan Calc for iPhone – One glance at this calculator allows the user to input the interest rate, loan amount and payment amount, in any combination, to derive the monthly payment amount. If you do not have an iPhone, there are also some great online home loan calculators. For the loan officer or the real estate agent this is an easy-to-use app that provides a quick calculation that is performed dozens of times each day.

3. PayPal for iPhone – As one of the most recognized names in money management, PayPal is accessible to anyone in any location through this app. Account balances can be verified, and the appropriate transfer transactions can be initiated to pay vendors and suppliers. Money can be moved to a bank account or transferred to the PayPal account from the bank.

Android Apps

All of the major phone carriers offer Android phones for smart phone users. Each of the following apps can be used anywhere a cell phone signal is available. Financial surprises are no longer just a part of daily life since close attention can be paid to every facet of financial life.

4. Easy envelope budget aid for Android – This application gives the user an up-to-date picture of the monthly household budget. Amounts in each virtual envelope reveal the available funds in each budgeted category. Very effective method for managing one budget when two people are spending against the amounts. Even if the cell phone signal is unavailable, the information in the envelopes is maintained since the last online connection.

5. Mint for Android – The wireless version of the most popular and powerful online accounting software used by homes and businesses. Access is provided to the most recent account transactions in an organized view that allows close monitoring of the checking account and credit cards. Low-balance alerts can be received on the Android to allow the user to transfer funds and prevent overdraft charges.

6. DailyCash for Android – For people who must deal in multiple currencies every day, this application provides information about account balances in any number of accounts. Allows the user to view accounts in graphic form to see the percentage of overall funds in each account. Includes a calculator and a calendar for scheduling of payments.

iPad Apps

The larger display screen on the i-Pad provides more information at a time for the user of these powerful apps. Much of the same functionality is included in these applications as their web-based counterparts. One of the best advantages for the user is the synchronized information provided regardless of location. Managing finances with an iPad has never been easier.

7. Budgets for iPad – This app is an advanced budget that allows detailed transactions to be designed and tracked for monthly budget control. Graphs and charts can be created according to the user’s budget needs.

8. Bills for iPad – This app provides the ability to pay bills online using secure technology. Payments are made from the bank account to the creditors according to the schedule defined by the user. Late payments are avoided and bills can be paid in the specified order.

9. Expense tablet for iPad – This app provides all the expense functions that are necessary for filing expense reports for reimbursement. Budget functions are available for close monitoring of the expenses against the budget that has been setup. Accounts and categories can be defined by the user to meet specific needs.

10. Bloomberg for iPad – Users are allowed to design custom charts of the stocks in their portfolio, receive financial podcasts, access currency value information, monitor commodity prices, and receive news articles through email. Stock quotes, company information, market analysis, price charts, and other useful information necessary for making wise investment decisions.


Wireless financial apps will be produced for many of the best online financial applications for as long as smart phone users create the demand. Useful apps allow people in every possible walk of life to maintain closer control over their finances. Market conditions can be monitored closely so that stock sales can be executed from anywhere a cell phone signal is available.

Managing the household finances has never been easier since the mobile apps provide immediate information concerning funds available in every category of the personal household budget. Late bills are no longer a concern since the smart phone app can receive alerts from the websites where personal financial information resides. Security concerns are addressed by the most advanced technological protocols that will protect the information.

Author Bio: Brittney is a freelance writer for an online credit cards website. She knows the financial world like the back of her hand and loves to keep people updated on the newest technology. On her free time, one can see Brittney riding her air boat in the nearby swamps.

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