Monster Beats by Dr. Dre Beatbox iPod Dock


Positives: A small device which gives out loud music, great bass, portable, has a handle to carry the beatbox, thoughtful designing, great for external devices and also for iPod/iPhone.

Negatives: Very basic features, expensive in terms of the pricing, no battery option so it would always require power.

The End Result: After reviewing the product it could be said the beatbox is an amazing speaker which is more of a little monster in disguise, capable enough of turning a small room into a club, excellent for parties, extremely portable and user friendly.


The name of the product is Monster Beats by Dr. Dre Beatbox iPod Dock, however in this review we have used the name Monster Beatbox as this is an addition to the existing Monster products. The main aim of this product is to deliver loud music from a relatively smaller box. With the look of things, a better name would have been monster sound but the beatbox would then not reflect its true meaning. It is believed to be successful in its mission of delivering loud music from small devices. The product is priced at $400 which is on the higher side considering the nature of the product.

The beatbox considering its size could be the loudest iPod docking device. In terms of designing, when you first look at the product, it would definitely catch your attention. The reason for this is that the device has been designed in such a manner that it looks like a proper device which could be carried anywhere and could start a party easily. The first thing which would catch your attention the most is its carrying handle on the top. This has been given so that the beatbox could be carried with ease as it weighs about 13pounds. The reason for this is that the beatbox operates on power and does not have a battery inside it.  Therefore, this portable device is capable of starting a party anywhere without having to worry about its size or its charging.

Furthermore, besides the physical aspects, the dock has been positioned on the top left side which is very close to the power button where as the volume knob has been placed on the extreme right on the top. The beatbox isn’t full of buttons as it only has a few buttons. However, it has an auxiliary input which allows you to connect other devices apart from the iPod and also a special port which allows you to stream online music from Monster streamcast wireless system.

In terms of the audio listening pleasure, the most recommended option is to stand away from the beatbox so that you could hear the audio properly. Since the beatbox focuses on the quality of music it delivers, therefore it has adapted a different designing technique which allows its speakers to be placed with some distance in between. The ideal place from where you could enjoy the audio is to stand at least 10 to 15 feet range.

Most users often prefer having more bass in their audio systems. Monster in order to provide a solution to this, states that the beatbox should be placed in the corner of a room so that the audio could bounce of the wall to create the bass affect.

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