Apple MacBook Pro Spring 2010 Review

Apple MacBook Pro Spring 2010 Review

The laptop under review comes from the Apple MacBook series that includes quick and efficient CPUs, coupled by graphics that coordinates smoothly between integrated and discrete GPUs. There only issues is their lack of HDMI, blue -ray and other top class facilities. They are also quite costly with other add -on costs that should have been in the original price.

The MacBook under review here is powered by a forceful intel core i7 M620 processor that spins goods at a robust speed of 2.66 GHz. The memory comes in the form of a 4 GB DDR3 1066 MHz. Storage is provided by a single 500 GB with  a speed of 5400 rpm, which do not comform to its price and class. You will need to settle a $50 bill in order to get a faster 7200 rpm upgrade. But for a machine that sets you back upto $2200, that speed should have been covered from the start. It comes with intel HM 55 integrated graphics chipsets. You will also get descrete graphics GT 330M from nVidia GeForce plus GMA 4500 MHD graphics from intell. The two sets of graphics offer seemless between the discrete and switable graphics.

The MacBook comes with a large multitouch -enabled touchpad, with the option of using a mouse -but the experience is not as sweet as using a touchpad-. The 15.4 incher comes with a native resolution of 1440 by 900 pixels, just like its predecessors. But that is not enough resolution, especially with the modern -day high -definition videos and others that demand more pixels to deliver. But Apple has a solution in the form of a 1680 by 1050 pixel resolution which will come via, you guessed it, an extra $100 bill. You can make it $150 for one that will include antiglare coating, there you go.

The MacBook Pro uses a mini Display port for video interface, but lacks the VGA and HDMI found in other mainstream laptops. Your shipment will also come ensuite two USB 2.0 USB ports, an SD card reader and  firewire 800 for data. Its solid network connection is provided by ethernet, Wi Fi 802.11n/b/g and Bluetooth. You can also add a DVD burner into the bargain. Though it is not a gaming article per excellence, the MacBook Pro will still entertain you well with almost any present -day computer game. Its greatest gaming asset is its ability to switch between GPUs, that has the advantage of saving battery when idle.  The machine weighs a total weight of 6.2 when stuffed with an AC adapter. It measures 14.4 by 9.8 by 0.95 inches.

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