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5 Common Types of Web Programmers


Five Common Types of Web Programmers

In your code journeys and web programming adventures you may have encountered many strange enemies, and perhaps even stranger allies. These are five common web code warriors, which some could be wonderful comrades in arms, but others may foil any of your plan.

However, each has a place in the pantheon of web development community. Without a healthy mix of those folks you’ll probably find your web development projects either take too difficult to complete, are not secure enough or maybe too perfect for mere mortals like us to look upon.

Duct Tape Programmer

Sites using duct tape code may not have pretty internal structure, but damn, it works! This guy could be the foundation of your web development company. When something stalls the project, he will fix it quickly and in a way that will not break again. Of course he does not care whether it would be pretty, easy to use, or any of those superficial issues, but he will simply make it happen quickly, without any time-wasting nonsense. All you have to is to point at a difficult problem and simply walk away.

Perfectionist Programmer

This guy does not care about your budgets or deadlines, those are trivial when compared to his fine art of web programming. When he finally finishes the product you’ll have no option but to be awed to the radiant beauty and stunning glory of perfectly structured and formatted codes, that is so elegant that any of your own improvement, would do nothing but to denigrate it. He is fully qualified to develop the main codes of a website.

Anti-Programming Programmer

He doesn’t like to code and consider code writing is a bad thing. He believes that if you are forced to write a code then there’s something wrong. Others have already done good jobs creating scripts and snippets so just use their codes. He will convince you how much efficient this development tactic. His works may lack innovation, originality and forward-compatibility, but it will be finished with the least effort and headache.

Half-Assed Programmer

He couldn’t care less about his work quality. He finishes the tasks that he is asked to do, promptly. You may not like the end product, the other programmers simply despise it, but clients and even your boss love it. As much discomfort he may cause, he is single-handedly keeping the web development project to comply with the deadline so you can’t really scoff at it.

Overly Imaginative Programmer

He is more interested in finding alternatives than following the obvious path. He will spend 70% of his time staring at the monitor blankly thinking up ways to finish a task, 20% of his time whining about unreasonable deadlines, 5% of his time refining available options, and 5% to write the actual code. When he accomplishes the task, he would mutter “if I had more time, my works would be better”.

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