eDGe Dual Book from en-Tourage


eDGe Dual Book from en-TourageTo put it in simple terms, this e-reader is not just another net book it is something special. Although this book does not have standard classification it is simple and easy and useful for the person who does lot of reading.


The left side of the dual book serves as the guide for reading with 9.7 inches screen which uses e-Ink mechanism. You can add any notes or drawings using its touch sensitive interface. The right side of this book serves as the net book with 10 inches screen. It has an in built video camera and audio recorder for practical usage. It also contains a couple of USB ports, SD memory slot, with Bluetooth and wire less connectivity. Its battery can be replaced and the e-book is available for $499.


The e-reader and the net book have been combined technically. You can access any book from the library of similar topic of the current book you are reading, without disturbing the book on screen.

It has a feature for manual closing of the touch screen part and hence you can save battery.

With the help of dual screen and its functions, you can do more tasks apart from reading books. You can copy and paste any particular part from e-reader to net book, or just select some portion from the e-book and place it on the other screen for zoom-in reading. It is possible to place any reference diagram on the other page so that you can carry on reading context making then and there reference.

You can add manual notes to the e-book which can later be viewed on touch screen with an index. This feature makes it easy to come back to the correct page after closing the book for some time. You can make any number of notes and later save it in the PDF format also.


It takes some time or practice to make correct use of this dual book. Initially it is normal that you may struggle where to place your hands for further reading. The biggest drawback of this unit is the inclusion of Android which has been designed basically for cellular phones only. Only the URL with Android can be downloaded manually. Uploading a file using Android is becoming disabled in this dual book. This issue will be settled only en Tourage opens its app store.

Another big issue with this eDGe is it does not provide any classification method to access the book store or library. It is very difficult to find out what you want and is really tiresome process to browse through page by page. You cannot refine your search by the name of author, or topic, or by any other means.

Yet another issue is the right of ownership of books. You can just read the e-book and you are not allowed to lend any digital book or any content inside to any friend and this holds back your privilege of purchase of this dual book.

To conclude, to make this dual book successful in the future, it should become flexible. If you are fond of reading, and updating your knowledge, then this is a good buy.

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