A Camera Worth $300 isn’t Always a Wise Investment


Casio Exilim EX-FH20

Whether you are a novice to photography or a seasoned hobbyist, there are thousands of models on the market that are cheap. This is good for those on a budget, or indeed those who are simply looking for a new model that will do something different to their original purchase choice. However, there is also some that are little more pricy. The markets have pushed the models to a high price, even though many of the cameras offer the same features. Because of this, choosing a $300 machine may not be a wise decision.

The functions on many of the point and shoot machines should be simplistic and easy to use, especially for a novice. However some models like the Nikon S600 can be rather complex in terms of extra buttons and tiny graphics on the menu screen. Once you have the hang of this machine though, the advantages will be similar to any other device, especially with the graphics mode.

Reasonably good quality images can be taken outside, or in areas where the lighting is substantial. However, on this model, and also many others like it, the products will produce images that don’t hold up to the quality test, as the pictures tend to come out dark and grainy. Although many of the positives such as the 10 megapixels, compact LCD screen and the 4x zoom are genuinely a bonus, they seem to lack the ingenuity of a unique product. Both the flaws, especially those that are directly affecting the user, and also the positive attributes, are inevitably affecting the user by being incredibly similar to any machine on the market. There is very little distinction between the price ranges, which means that the $300 would not really be a wise investment.

Models such as the example one can of course be an attractive machine. They can hold large amounts of memory, and often have extra slots for a memory card, meaning that the images can be easily transferable. Another good feature on some models is the ability to pick the clearest shot after taking a multi shot string. This is incredibly useful if you are starting out with a photographic hobby and wish to hone your skills further before choosing a more expensive machine. The speed at which it takes these shots is quite remarkable, especially at 4 seconds. In an addition to the fast start up times and decent battery power, several of these models do make it worth the money.

This is especially true with functions such as a good flash, and a zoom mode that produces crisp images even when standing close. However, when the features are selected, they can slow down the device quite considerably, and this can maker many of the models lose their ingenuity. When you are attempting to purchase a model to suit your needs, if you do not have much of a limit on your budget, it can be important to remember that an average price may mean average quality.

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