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Internet Marketing: Essential Components For A Successful Strategy


Internet Marketing: Essential Components for a Successful Strategy

Promoting your content online – this is what Internet marketing is all about. The two words “Marketing and Promote” are interchangeable and you will frequently see them being used in the same context.

Supply and Demand

You can replace the words “supply and demand” with “your product and customer needs.” Here’s the first step – does a potential customer:

1. Need or want what your selling?
2. Can they afford to pay for it?

These are two essential questions you need to answer before you can proceed with the marketing techniques. Think about it, if your product/service has no appeal to the market or the folks your marketing to can’t afford it, then you’ll be wasting time and money for nothing…this is a vital step in the process.

Search Engine Optimization

One of the essential components to the Internet is searching. When people think Internet they think searching. Lets make some sense of this. You’ve done your homework, you know that people want what you’re selling and it’s priced right – now you need to get your website on the first page of the search engines.

Search engine optimization (SEO) has two main components: Keywords and Backlinks. Keywords are the terms people use when searching, and backlinks are other websites linking back to your site. Learning SEO is vital to your Internet marketing strategy…you may want to consider outsourcing this part of the process.

Social Media

Social media is becoming a bigger and bigger part of Internet marketing. The two biggest platform used today are: Facebook and Twitter. There are older more mature social media sites like Digg and Stumble Upon, but they have established communities which may or may not be conducive to your needs.

Facebook and Twitter have two entirely different platforms. Twitter is a short, quick snippet platform and Facebook has a lot of tools you can use for community engagement. This means each platform needs a different marketing strategy. This is starting to sound labor intensive, and it can be, but there is good news…Technology. Over the past few years, thanks to the efforts of the software guru’s, tools have been created that automate some of the processes. Even more good news is there not that expensive to use.

This is Ultra Essential – Email

You have implemented some of your Internet marketing strategies, and they are working. You have visitors to you website that have money and are interested in your products, now what?

The most powerful tool used by Internet marketeers is the “List,” your “E-mail List.”

Anybody – who’s anybody – when it comes to Internet marketing will tell you the most essential part of your business is your List. Even thought email has been around about as long as the Internet itself, it’s still an amazing tool.

Email Newsletters – you’ve done a lot of marketing to get potential customers to you site, now you need to communicate with them…turn them into customers. Offer them your newsletter in exchange for their email. This is called “building your list.” Autoresponder – this will be the most valuable tool for list building. Do some investigating to learn what an autoresponder is – you will see the company Aweber pop-up frequently…it’s a good company. There are hundreds of ways to market online – we have covered some of the essential components to get you started. Master these first, and you will be well on your way to a successful Internet marketing campaign.

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