The Best Cell Phones For Music Lovers


Plenty of people nowadays use their phones as music players. The days when people had to carry around a whole host of electronic devices are long gone. Now we want one phone that does everything for us. If you’re in love with your music, and are the kind of person that likes to put their whole music collection onto their phone, then you’re probably on the lookout for the best music playing phone that you can find. And we’re here to help. The phones listed below have the best music players on the market, so check them out!

The Samsung Galaxy S II
Okay, the Galaxy comes with a pretty decent 16 GB of storage, which is a fair amount of music. But you can also add a microSD card, to bump that storage up to 32 GB. Plus, the playback interface that’s by default inbuilt into the phone is exceptional, and easy to use too. It comes with 5.1 surround sound, and a great equaliser setting that allows minute changes to tracks to make them sound as good as possible. And, since it’s an Android phone, if you’re not satisfied with the default music player, there are plenty of freely available apps that you can download to satisfy your desires…

The Apple iPhone 5
This really shouldn’t come as a surprise to you. The iPod is the king of music players, after all, and basically the iPhone is an iPod that also works as a phone. You get anywhere from 16 Gb to 64 GB of storage, depending on how much money your willing to spend, but there is no expandable memory so choose wisely. The sound quality is as excellent as you would expect from an Apple product, and there’s a full set of audio enhancement settings in the playback menu, letting you change anything that’s changeable. Plus, you can wirelessly synch to iTunes.

The Nokia Lumia 920
From Apple and Android, we move on to Windows. OK, so Windows phones don’t always have the greatest reputation. But the Nokia Lumia series is actually pretty good, and the Lumia 920 is downright excellent. What we love about this phone as music lovers is the Mix Radio, which offers targeted streaming radio with playlists that change every week. You can pick which genres you’re interested in, and you can even download the tracks into your phone in case you want to listen to them offline or at a later time. This is awesome for discovering new music, since you’re not just listening to your own collection all the time…

The Samsung Galaxy Note II Music Phone
This is for serious music lovers only. Check this out. Soundalive technology with 7.1 channel virtualization, stereo radio with RDS, TouchWiz music player with equalizer pre-sets… If you understand what all those things mean, that you might just be music mad enough to go with this top class music player… This is absolutely the king of music phones, and has the price tag to prove it.

It would take the best of all iPhone deals to make Phil Turner buy one, especially as a music player. He still plays LPs at home and finds digital music lacking in detail.

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