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WordPress has been a real game changer when it comes to SEO and web design. In fact, reports that there are over 40 million new posts on the Word Press platform EACH MONTH. Anyone can set up a Word Press site and it only takes a few minutes and with minimal technical knowledge even when setting it up on your own domain. However, even though Word Press is easy to set up not everyone knows how to unlock the powerful SEO benefits of using the Word Press platform. There are numerous tricks that can help you top the rankings even if your webstie isn’t quite an authority yet.

Using Keyworded Link Structure
One of the best and albeit more commonly known techniques of using SEO for wordpress is the easy to change link structures. Using link settings in Word Press you will want to set the structure similar to this example of The additional keywords used in your link structure, or slug tags, will greatly increase your chances of ranking in search engines for those specific terms. Make sure to remove any additional clutter in your link structure such as /date/postnumber and so fourth. Keep it simple and clean with /your-keywords only.

Tag You’re It
Tagging is somewhat of a lost practice but can really do wonders for ranking blog posts. If you use keywords as your tags you can definitely improve rankings. In some cases where your posts would not normally rank your tag will actually rank for you. Now, make sure to not go overboard and stuff your posts with dozens of keyword tags. Keep it simple, use 2-3 tags targeting around your keyword for each post that you make. So if your post was about SEO News, you would use the tags “SEO News”, “SEO News 2012”, “Latest SEO News” and so on. I am sure you can get more creative with this, but that is just a very general example.

Blog Post Interlinking
Blog post interlinking is a very common principle but wordpress plugins can make this all too easy. Plugins such as Smart Links will automatically link keywords in your posts to other posts and pages. You can easily modify the plugin settings to make sure the right keywords and posts or pages are automatically linked. There are also numerous other plugins that will auto link “related” posts using your categories and tags which will add additional SEO benefits from internal linking and the passing of page rank from one post to another.

Double Rankings With WordPress
Although this is more challenging to do now as Google is making regular changes to their algorithm; you can actually link two pages for the same keyword by using the right methodology. To do this, you want to create a sub page for the keyword such as Once you have the sub page created make sure to build inbound links to both your home page and subpage with similar anchor text. If you find the right balance of anchor text and use the afforementioned link structure it is very possible to obtain double rankings on the first page for the same keyword.

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