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Almost every other person is interested in photography these days. In fact, you can see every other person hanging his/her DSLR (pro camera) in the neck and boasting around. These cameras are really expensive and not everyone can afford it, however, if you have your iPhone, then no need to buy a DSLR because you have the best camera phone already, which can fulfil your photography desire on the go. Well, not with the default camera app but with a few alternate camera apps. You can find a bunch of alternate iPhone camera apps on the App Store, but as a matter of fact, one always goes for the best one. In case you can’t figure out that which is the best one out there then no worrying because, today, we have picked up the best photography app for iPhone and have discussed each and every feature of it.

Our Pick for the Best Photography App – “Camera Awesome


Features of Camera Awesome

Camera Awesome for iPhone brings to you with a lot of worth praising professional features to make your snapshots look “Awesome” and professional. Camera Awesome for iPhone lets you to lock the focus on one specific thing and also lock the exposure by tapping anywhere on the screen of your iPhone. In addition to this, even if you are being lazy enough and are not willing to tap on the screen to lock the focus, even then, Camera Awesome will set the focus automatically by using its own intelligence.

Furthermore, Camera Awesome for iPhone also gives you the ability to digitally zoom up to 4x, this can be done by pinching your iPhone’s screen while the Camera Awesome app is opened. The above mentioned features of this app were quite obvious; however, there are some other special features as well.

Firstly, Camera Awesome offers you a bunch of grid views to take your snapshots perfectly, these grids are four in number, which means that there are four types of grid views you can choose. These four grid views include – square, trisec, thirds and golden.

Secondly, this app also provides the user with various shooting modes for example, Slow Burst, Fast Burst, Timer, Timelapse, Stabilizer and the Big Button shooting mode in which you can tap anywhere on your iPhone’s screen to capture the photo, or in other words, the whole screen becomes the capture button. One of the most exciting feature of this app is that it also shows the horizontal level, you get a green signal when your iPhone is balanced to take the photo. Moreover, there is also a Precord video shooting mode in which the video recording starts the moment you switch from image to video recording mode.

The photo filters included in this app are not something different from other apps, they are almost the same, however, the main reason why we have picked this app as the best iPhone photography app is that it can make your image “Awesome” by just hitting a single button – “Awesomize”. You only have to hit this button and then the rest of the job will be done automatically by the app.

These were almost all the mouth-watering features included in this app, due to which we have chosen this app to be the best photography app for iPhone.

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