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Apple is about to release the very first 12 inches iPad in 2015. If you are aware about the iPad Series, you must know that the recent iPad in the series was the Apple iPad Air 2 which was the record breaker because of its thickness and functionality.

iPhone 6S

In the camera section, Apple iPad always lacked the performance like iPhone. If you remember, iPad Air 2 comes with the 8MP camera having the aperture F2.2, common in this type of device, and a better control of exposure, with which we can ‘illuminate’ or ‘dark’ the scene from the screen itself, just dragging your finger up or down. Also improved face recognition. But the performance is not comparable to the iPhone 6 Plus. There is no flash and the recording performance is also just decent, so in the next Apple iPad Air Pro you can expect the better camera, probably 13MP and dual-LED flash to capture good clicks in the dark.

As we mentioned about the iPhone 6 Plus camera, it has one of the best performing camera. Yes, perhaps the star of the camera of the iPhone 6 Plus is its optical image stabilizer exclusive to this model. There is also a difference between the iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6 camera, it is because of the screen. Yes, there is a difference but not as much as it might seem, and only in certain shots with specific conditions. Yes it shows, and much, while recording video. Instead of relying on the digital optical stabilizer for software, reduce the effect of our trembling hands, the iPhone 6 Plus we get a smooth video recording without tremors, although we have a pulse of steel. We have a question, would iPhone 6S Plus of 2015 would be ahead to the iPhone 6S? If yes, then it is doubtful why Apple is giving competition to itself, there should be equal performance but it could be managed by providing the same resolution display.

Speaking of video recording at the iPhone 6 Plus, we can tell you that with the iPhone 6 Plus slow motion again, this time to 240 fps, which produces videos to high quality and very striking. The normal video recording is made ??in Full HD 1080p and 60fps, which is great, if not because we have no choice-at least in the default camera app for Apple- to control the quality that we want to record. It may seem silly, but if you want to record, for example, at 720p, because they need more, we do not have that option and is somewhat frustrating. But here, Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is ahead with its camera app of Android, may be this year with the launch of iPhone 6S Plus, we would see this functionality too.

If you remember, the sales of iPhone 6 and 6 Plus was nightmare for the big brands as Samsung and LG and this year too, you could expect the same with the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus. But many people survive to buy the contract phones because of their bad credit history, and we have good news that there exist solutions where you could buy bad credit contract phone even if other contractors are rejecting you.

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