HTC One M10 and One M9: The Super-phones of HTC


HTC introduced in February last year its flagship 2013, the HTC One, which was characterized by an original aluminium body, a camera with UltraPixel technology, a content aggregator called BlinkFeed and powerful hardware features. And now HTC is about to release the HTC One M9 very soon. And later in 2015, there are chances to hear about the next super phone of HTC i.e. HTC One M10.

 HTC One M10

In the HTC One M8, HTC already proved its best. This year HTC has wanted to repeat the success formula with the HTC One M9, which represents an evolution of where various aspects have been improved and fixed some minor bugs to previous model. The HTC One M9 incorporates some interesting developments, as a double rear camera to capture the feeling of depth, a new smarter BlinkFeed and a powerful hardware features up to the big star of the moment: Samsung Galaxy S6, Xperia Z4 and Apple iPhone 6. And the Good news favors the HTC One M10 because it could be the companies’ first smartphone to feature octa-core processor.

One aspect that caught the attention of the HTC One was undoubtedly its original design and aluminum body that make it different from most Android phones, whose surfaces are usually made ??of plastic or tempered glass. In fact the “M” to “M9″ comes from ” Metal”, material is built in certain areas except for plastic are needed to integrate the antennas. The HTC One M8 metal content is 90% of its body, which represents a significant leap compared to 70% who had the HTC One Original. This difference really shows in appearance of the phone, no longer seems plastic with metal panels but gives the appearance of being a single piece of metal. And this time the % of metal could be more but no doubt there would few % of plastic content, as antenna needs interact with the signal. But as of other improvements in the design, there is nothing too attractive all same, and story won’t end here as HTC plans for the new design probably the curved display that could be the vital part of the HTC One M10.

In the previous versions, the HTC One front and rear panels were joined with a zone of plastic matt white, now the sides of the HTC One M9 are also metal. The phone has an excellent grip thanks to the rounded shape of the back, also very soft. It is a phone that fits nicely in your hand and you want to hold. The construction of the phone is superb and exudes quality on all four sides. From the grill speaker with its small joints perfectly aligned to the edges and perfect cut holes for cameras holes. The metallic finish makes when it gives light to shine in a very elegant. In the design, HTC is giving competition to the metal iPhone 6, but HTC One M10 could be ahead as something revolutionary is coming soon.

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