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Places & More Now Updated On the Facebook App


Places & More Now Updated On the Facebook App

The new “Places” feature is Facebooks app’s new release.  It uses the same type of system as Foursquare and Godwalla and allows your friends to be “buzzed” if you are in a check-in location somewhere near them.  The Places feature Facebook released works just the way they say it does. You probably don’t want just anyone to know where your checking in so make sure to update your Private Settings as soon as you get hooked up with the application.  If you want to get some Facebook Privacy Setting Recommendations then you can look for them here. The Unites States is the only country that has this application available.

One of the great things about this app is the way you can let only certain people see your location status on every check-in.  The List option is something I use on a regular basis and works out great, letting me pick and choose who I want to see my location. It is a great feature I can now perform via my iPhone. Although it has been worked into the web interface for a log time now, it’s a great addition to the apps group. When the app is running on the iOS 4 then you can run pictures and videos in the background.

The App Store sells the Places Facebook App online here

Quickly Updating Your Privacy Settings

If you don’t want your friend to tag you every time they check-in somewhere you should probably adjust your setting even if you plan on not using the application. This way you are preventing any sort of privacy issue you would much rather avoid.

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