The iPhone App and Funny Status Updates


THE iPhone App and Funny Status UpdatesFunny status is an app that used to provide updates from Facebook. It works as an application from without the iphone that merges with facebook to allow users to send jokes, view pictures and enjoy intelligent quotes. The funny status updates for face book is appealing for those who send out updates often, without much details to add or are just out to socialize. It avails a wide range of options which actually exceed one thousand five hundred. Examples of these options include; those arranged by type and symbols, those that are randomly selected, and even those that are categorized by “magic trick”.There are six main categories in which face book fans can choose from. In addition to these there are other subcategories such as; landmarks, financial issues, weird facts

And even latest slogans. The data is quite varied yet straightforward enough to arrange especially when you are in a situation when  it’s urgently needed.

Though it may not seem logical to pay someone to come up with something for another person to send to his status update, it is true that many people certainly need motivation. Funny status update for face book is a tiny .99 that will avail to you plenty of options which are both captivating and will keep you glued to it .It has just about enough for all age groups of people. Its diversity ranges from  very scholarly remarks to even very unpolished posts .Even though not all the posts are up to scratch it is still a wonderful collection.

Funny Status updates for facebook greatest asset is the fact that it is uncomplicated to operate  to operate .All one needs to do is to go through the collection, identify a line that he or she may fancy ,then login to facebook to send it as ones update .It is that easy and after those effortless steps all that’s remaining is to accent to the terms and conditions just like in all other like minded applications .After choosing your update, an in-app message will be sent to you with intentions of alerting you that the update has been approved after which the selection will turn red. By turning red it will enlighten you on what you have and have not sent from the data.

Funny  status updates for facebook has the complete package for those who want to have a collection of funny updates sent to their status or even for those who just want to lift the spirits of others .It is an easy way to amuse yourself and others as it does not require you to constantly create jokes given that one can access as many jokes as possible from their status. It is a brilliant innovation.

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